Crashing in dragon heir dungeon


Is it just me? I’ve been in the new dragon heir dungeon on server 9 and it’s crashed 3 times and Compleatly had to re open it?


Anything specificly you were doing that could lead to the crash?


Hey @Turtle sorry for the slow reply, it happened for the first three days, I wasn’t doing anything differently to cause it crashing, it also crashed on me in the arena :thinking: I’m hoping it’s not my phone but if no body else has had a problem. Maybe it is! :joy:



Perhaps clear the game cache and try again
or else a ticket will always help (sometimes)


Hey @Turtle my friend, how would one use the ticket system? :joy: I’m having other problems now :joy: I know they won’t check it today but :crossed_fingers:t2: tomorrow


I believe it’s your first time to send a ticket ingame, so you won’t have the shortcut box to it

So what you have to do is
Click on your avatar
Scroll down to the bottom
Click Support
Pick a random topic (doesn’t mather which one you pick)
After you clicked on a topic and clicked on random subject
You’ll see at the bottom a message saying "Was this helpful?"
Click NO

Hope you understand or else I will upload a video tutorial haha


@Turtle thanks my lovely, I did it!