Creating defensive lines to spar

Is there a way to create defensive lines for guild to spar. Control allows sharing of lines but not to spar. Why can some create sparring lines and others cannot? Am I missing something?

Other than not being able to spar your own lines that you’ve posted yourself, I didn’t think there was restrictions on being able to post?
(Well apart from ranks on the guild wall, ofc)

Things could have changed since last year… :wink:

The main restriction on getting people to post spars in NYC was apathy @Bluethunder

But again, you may have moved guilds since last we spoke

Thank you, but my question still remains. I cannot post sparring lines. I have seen others post sparring lines but I cannot. Looking for a solution.

They don’t post at all?
Or they appear without a “spar” button?

As I’m pretty sure your question has already been answered

Can post but there us no spar button. Is this intentional?

Has always been like this.
You can’t spar yourself.

As long as other people can spar them, all is well.

You now just have to find someone to be your sparring partner and post lines for each other in guild chat, or in friends messages if you use a person from a different guild.

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