CrimsonRain recruiting - S11!

CrimsonRain is recruiting. Level 65+. Please message me for more details. Looking for active daily players and players that participate in all guild things. Line app or any outside messaging apps are not used or required. We have spots available and a couple coming available. Interested? Message Wondering Warrior/Leader (myself) for more details.
Thank you.
Oh and I’m on s11. :blush:

Thanks for reminding me to never hijack another thread, not even for fun. Should these sorts be archived when the guild is full btw?

Include your server :slight_smile:
It will help the right people find you


Make your own thread. It’s a little rude to hijack someone else’s recruiting post


It’s also rude to beat me to saying all that :wink:

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Thank you. I updated it. :blush: And I appreciate the looking out! :sunglasses:

I so rarely beat you to things though!