Crown Score Normalization: November 30th - December 4th

At the end of each season, crown scores for all guilds on the server will be normalized. The #1 guild’s crown score will be reset to a maximum of 100. Other guilds will have their scores set to an equivalent level based on the ratio between their crown score and the #1 guild’s crown score at the end of the season, with a minimum crown score of 10. This change is intended to encourage competition for top spots every season and keep the highest levels of play competitive.

For instance, if the #1 guild on a server has 1,000 crowns at the end of the season and the #2 guild has 800 crowns at the end of the season, the #1 guild will begin the next season with 100 crowns and the #2 guild will begin the next season with 80 crowns. If the #3 guild had 750 crowns, its score next season would be set to 75 and so on.



So much this.
Only one guild per server will argue against this


As much as you love to be right about everything Mici… I am in the top guild on S8. Literally #1 since we merged in from S10. The current system means that after winning 7 wars each season, every further war is just a chance to lose massive amounts of crowns, but gain only a few. So the end of season crown normalization is an interesting idea imo.


I stand corrected.

Only one guild per server may argue against this…

Besides, this is just the normalisation of crown points - lowering the gap between you and everyone else behind you - the crown score losing thing is a different thread hun @Kitsune_Moon_God

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Under the new system, instead of having a 220 crown cushion to defend, you’d have about

1714/1934 *100 = 88.6 (so 89 when rounded)

About an 11 crown cushion.

Still think it’s a good idea @Kitsune_Moon_God?

I guarantee I’m looking forward to that changing from 500 or so crowns difference, to around 25 :wink:

I’m pretty sure everyone of the six guilds between us are thinking exactly the same thing…

Definitely thinking the exact same thing

Since this was a proposal I made a few months back I am 100% for it. Crowns need normalising after every season whilst still preserving rankings in order to balance matchings. Perfect

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This just seems like it’ll randomize pairings at the start of every season like it used to in war 1.0. Very lopsided wars at the start with any of the top guilds @Pixie_Mici

Good job the season is twice as long then, to give the cream time to settle at the top

See, I view any crown reset as an admission the previous system was messed up. When was the last time chess ELOs had to be reset and your neighbor’s kid had a chance to draw a grandmaster without handicap :joy: It’s chaotic! The more wars where no reasonable amount of effort by the lesser guild can change the outcome…

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See, I view any war change as a good thing.

I’m fed up of the insurmountable odds of new guilds ever catching up.

Your chess analogy falls flat when there is a set amount of wars.
When I started playing LiChess, I played tens of matches a day to get into the 1300-1400s before I got any sort of constant stream of fun games.

How does a guild get to raise their standings with a war every other day, when everyone else is doing it too?

But not every guild is immediately top player and perks wise those matches are Good for training didn’t i hear complaints about lower guilds getting into challenger too easily?

The insurmountable odds for new guilds is due to the cooperative war setup, not the ELO ranking. Each side of a basic chess match is one person, with the win/loss ratio determined entirely by relative chess skill and state of mind. Each side in a guild war is 40 accounts, and that means aside from war skill there are also availability, communication, time zones, training, etc. Because this is one of those RPG/P2P games, there’s also of course how much time/money is put into each of those 40 accounts.

The list of proposed adjustments I’m seeing all relate to ELO and matchmaking. They don’t adjust the wars themselves to allow a guild with only 30 actives, or where most everyone is missing the latest heroes, or where half the guild hasn’t bothered to cap team level, even a remote chance of winning against a top guild, no matter how experienced the shot caller.

There’s nothing seriously wrong with the current crown system. High ranking guilds now and then selectively war to protect their rankings (thanks to the sky-high K-factor of 100), but that is a well known issue with ELO and PB have seen fit to include a requirement of 7 wins out of 15 possible every month even to be ranked. I don’t see any mid-tier guilds skipping, do you?

No, I don’t.

I like the new idea of no loss penalties for guilds though.

In order for that to be fair, there needed to be a reset.
And a reduction in the win boost.

Personally I’m all for giving this new system a trial.
At the end of the day, the old system can be reimplemented (orrrrr something new again can be tried) with another zero crown reset in another season or two… :wink:

I’m just glad someone at PerBlue is giving a damn about our concerns

Bear in mind crowns aren’t being completely reset, but instead proportionately scaled down to 10<x<100…

So the first couple of matchups will roughly reflect the rankings at the end of the season (allowing for the 3 war cooldown against a guild)…

So unless things really are messed up your neighbours kid (insert bad guild) will not be matched with a grandmaster (Epi)

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Yeah for all we know this may be our only chance at a new war system (some would be surprised this game is still around) so while a reduction of total crowns and crown gain seems fair why not scale down to 0-500 or 1000 at max. This would be a sort of recognition of all the hard work guilds did to get those crowns and it would reduce the limbo matches we are sure to get now.

Put us all on zero, and let us all fight our way up.

Hey at least they didn’t rip the heart out of the middle of the map and make you ride the bus to the next season…

Although if they could add a baby Yoda option to the back bling customisation things (whatever happened to those? I guess not enough people bought them??) , then I would be on board!

Nice, now we (a top guild) can snooze through most of our wars. I feel sorry for the little guilds that this new system will match us with. Oh wait, no repercussions for losing. I totally forgot that we are 8 years old and playing soccer. Everyone is a winner! Yay! :roll_eyes:

FYI, guilds have the crowns they EARNED because they worked for them. Leaders/members selflessly give up time and sleep to EARN the wins. Our leaders spar and spar and spar plus call wars. We keep our meta toons completely up-to-date and ready at all times. So where’s the reward for that? Being able to skip wars makes up for those sacrifices. That privilege is EARNED. It is a reward for what we give/put into the game.

How about guilds CHOOSE between two war brackets at the beginning of the season? Like there can be a “challenger” bracket and a “normal” bracket. If your guild is feeling froggy then join the “challenger” ooooor not feeling the commitment for that (or whatever) then go with the “normal”.

Aannd also, please leave the current crown system in place. We earned those. Let’s be honest here, the top guilds are still going to be the winners. Most guilds will not be able to beat us. It’s just the way it is.

And seriously, why irritate those of us that put so much into this game? If you lose, there should be a penalty. Period. This is a competition. That’s a bunch of snowflake crap.

I do realize that the war system is frustrating for most of us. I just don’t think the suggestions presented by PerBlue are the best for ALL players. I hope that there will be some new ideas generated from these posts.

This post is meant to cover all the suggestions offered by PerBlue for “new war.”

Thanks for reading my rant. (If you made it this far lol)

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