Crusade difficulty help


I been playing for about 1 year and generally always at team level cap. And most heroes are pretty decent… on s8. Almost all my heroes are red+

But in my time playing the game I’ve generally struggled at times to even clear Crusade on normal let alone hard mode…

Not sure what I’m doing wrong if I am doing wrong, it seems very difficult and I can’t understand why…

For me… Crusade is incredibly difficult. I’ve completed it a few times but now seems impossible to even get to the last stage on normal…
How am I supposed to achieve hard mode?

Says heroes heal over time in normal but I’ve never seen that happen… even when waiting 2 weeks…

Maybe I’m looking at it differently… maybe there is some trick… I don’t Know.

Some advice would be appreciated… thanks

Use the first few fights to energise your heros then manual attack until you get to a good spot where you should win to get them energized again.

Turtle lion noob and brute are my favorite front line.

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Winning crusade is about 4 things;

  1. Having the right heroes leveled. This includes epic and honor skills as well as leveled essence too.
  2. Re-trying battles, never accept a win if you lose all your good heroes. Also try to avoid accepting a win if your heroes have no energy. Which leads to…
  3. Manage your heroes energy. Having heroes with half energy when starting the battle is paramount to winning crusade. You need your skills to fire first, always. Keep as many heroes as possible with occurred energy from previous battles.
  4. And lastly, you need to know all hero skills. As I’m sure youre aware of, certain heroes work better together, or have weaknesses to other heroes. Always attack with the best line for the job. And use your skills in the correct order and at the right time.

Unfortunately, the random nature of crusade makes it impossible to say what heroes to use until you see the line. Because you can’t see past the current battle, you never really know what heroes you’ll need for the next battle. This make giving specific advice very difficult… but my favorite is Dragon, cleric, (pony, if you dont have cleric), brass monk, ice berg and wander. This line, fully leveled should best normal mode in one go. Just make sure to always fire wander first, and maybe swap wander for dragoon, or noob when facing skullbuster lines.


For those who have played DS runs just like Expedition. I never found Normal too difficult after heroes were Purple. I ran my lines mixed to get both higher and lower level toons energized.

Thanks man. I’ll take this into consideration.
I’ve generally seen crusade as like tournament but with npcs.

I’ve cleared multiple times but even when had heroes… or well the important 80% maxed I’ve never been able to get even 1/4 way through hard…

Could be unlucky with bad lines. I’ll focus on what you said and try again!

Use cleric or wisp. Pixie is great too. Heroes with payout or vigor mortis. Also use tanky frontline. Fc paired with cleric is a perpetual hp machine. Iceberg is great too as well as axe or marrow. I auto through blockbuster with very little problems. Some fights I have to retry with maybe a frontline swap or even just positional changes. A team that can generally cruise through is fc lion wisp cleric and rotate between merc/monk. Can swap cleric for pixie also.

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