Crusade made harder after update?


Hey, does someone experience the same issue? I usually do the normal crusade mode with my purple 3 heroes and get to final stage often. Last days I couldn’t pass 3rd stage with my best teams. I tried different team combinations of course. What’s wrong when lvl 80-83 heroes can’t take down a lvl 75 opponents?


This happens after every update and usually after a week it’s back to normal.

I was able to beat the hardest level without having 1 hero die and after the update, I was struggling to get by the easiest lvl 4 teams on server 3. Now I don’t bother with the hardest, I have a 5 hero team that I run on the easiest to get the tokens and beat them all within 5-7 mins.


Same here I normally can get to stage 5 easy now I can’t get past 4 with out all my hero’s dieing. There way stronger than ever before. And this is on the easy . and I am lv 63 and most hero’s are 4 stars. Stats at max.


What can I say? This is insufferable. I am under the impression the developer wants players to buy diamonds for Alchemie to obtain gold. I’m level 88 and can’t skill my heroes to this level because of the lack of gold. I think it’s a bad investment to spend diamonds on Alchemy or on Mithril. The whole economy is lacking and now even more. Not a fun experience. I thinking about quitting.


All I can suggest is doing things that give you gold: attack in fortress and tournament. This is a common problem for nearly everyone who doesn’t spend real money on the game.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to focus on 1 to 3 teams, don’t level ALL your heroes. Frustrating, I know. But by focusing on just 12, you will do better than if you lvled all your heroes. Choose ones that can be epicked when you hit orange. Dragon, Howler, Feral, Shield Maiden, Pony, Willow, Oasis, Wonder Woman, Hermit, and Hunter are all good heroes and should give you a decent mix and match for various of things.


Crusade gets harder with patches as level cap goes up. If you’re not capped or close to capped in level and stars I see no issue with not being able to finish every level 100% of the time.

Note that as you rank up in arena it gets harder as well.


Do you…

  1. Use three different teams in stage one, so that if a hero dies, the replacement is pre charged with energy?
  2. Hire a Merc of the most useful hero that your guild has? (Claw, Dragon etc)
  3. Use a great team to do the crusade?

Later on with epics, maiden wander oasis bowman pony will make all this irrelevant.

Until then I suggest brawler claw Fox binder mass.

Just saying :wink:


Yeah, no issue?
Even in a mirror fight I get boned. So you consider this a normal game behavior? Well, I’m not. There’s obviously something wrong. This should not happen especially since 3 out of 5 toons are precharged


I’m not leveling up more than 20 heroes. I am concentrating on those to have 4 decent war teams.


Enough said


Because a thread from six months ago is entirely relevant to this conversation how?

For normal / hard crusade, while I am leveling my characters, I run:

Brawler claw Fox binder mass.

Until they are available / levelled, I do my best.

Once epics get here I use:

Maiden wander oasis bowman pony

To be fair, both of those lines are quite good in war too, so I don’t feel like I am wasting anything.

That is how I do it. Apologies for everyone who feels this knowledge should be kept in guilds lol.

I admit that I was VIP 4 when I built these teams. Those two lots of monthly deals may have sped my progress up a little bit, but the rest of it was grinding @S_r_nity

You say you are building 20 heroes for 4 great war teams.
I would love to know which 20, If these 10 aren’t included… :thinking:


In the spirit of full disclosure, hunter would probably work better than bowman.

But hey, us non super spenders can’t level them all… :frowning:


Actually crusade is quite easy to beat with 1 solid team if it’s available. But I’m not disclosing that information here as anything said on forums is used against players and or silenced by the dictators here instead of being a public place of legitimate response for the gaming community to see.


But to answer your question yes crusade is always made more difficult after every update as I’ve tested the game on multiple levels of “breaking” it. I used to be able to run blockbuster crusade with just a 3 man team entirely only using the 3 but no longer able to do that even. But that fact changes nothing. Build a solid team with heals energy generation and damage in back, front you’ll need a damage and support/tank. Most basic strategy there is for survival runs in any game.


Also if you run full auto skills that’s part of your problem too I suggest learning how and when to trigger your skills effectively by playing crusade fights over and over till you get it right. And so help me God if that function is removed cuz of this post…


^ see the above 3 posts. And best of luck to you


Crusade difficulty is determined, in part, on your best 5 hero’s total power. We don’t artificially adjust the difficulty of the mode from release to release but as your best heroes go up in total power, your Crusade will increase in difficulty as well. It makes sense that you would feel the change if after a release you speed level 5 of your heroes right away.


My post seems to still be there.
Where I spell out the five heroes I use.
Why they work.
And what order I fire their skills manually.
And how I then don’t fire them again (unless I start to actually get hit lol), so they all charged for the next round.

Perhaps you could post yours (by pm if you prefer) so we can compare notes.
I always enjoy learning new methods to improve my game / target my next hero to level as the meta changes :slight_smile:


Thanks for you input. I did not level to max, though. I don’t have the ressources to do that right away. I crawl to the next team level with dailies.


Thank you for confirming my observations and give an advice how to work around it. I’ll try to go through crusade manually.