Crusade made harder after update?


Interesting because after last patch I ran crusade updating nothing and was far out geared with no gear upgrades etc. 0 o4 heroes and was fighting them in crusade lv 110 o3 vs 130-135 o4. But yeah what do I know about the game.


I beat crusade in normal with no problems


I always run blockbuster. It’s my base of average being the highest difficulty available.


@OhRlyeh this is why I have a hard time believing anything mods say about the game when you have facts like these which contradict what you say… it makes me wonder how much you really understand about how the game runs… so it’s based in part on top 5 hero power. Interesting because all my heroes are level 112 and my team level is 114. And the description of blockbuster is levels are +20 meaning will not exceed 20 levels over my heroes/team level. Yet here I am fighting a 135 in crusade multiple times but I’m only showing one screenshot to prove a point. Now all that said I really would like to understand how these choices are made especially as my heroes are not even full geared if the +20 was meant to say 20+ then you guys should change the description.