Crystals farming!


How and where ???
Need to find half a million of these things and have no in game info to state where they are??

@OhRlyeh @Etesian

Apparently from fortress ??
Apparently from portal lords??

Can I have some information please


Yeah, I’m curious and confused. I didn’t get anything from hitting fortress just now.


Me either… Hit 6 lines got gold nothing else…

If it’s fortress complete (very easy) and the drop rates are same as tokens would take 758+ days to bag all 47 heros 10000 pieces


Yeah I guess that’s a possibility. Ugh -.-


Oh. New fortress things…



It is s obtained as rewards in promotial offers and portal lords rewards.


Yeah i know it’s supposed to be fortress and portal lords but why would I bother farming blindly ???

I want numbers and drop rates :joy:

Want the full picture and all the details present so can evaluate best practices to farm them


Strength and Vitality are issued with the Tokens at the end of a Fortress raid and as Portal Lords rewards!


Thank you very much :sunglasses::wink:


They are given at the end of the raid. Cool.

  1. When I do more lines in fortress, I get more tokens at the end of the raid.
    Will that also affect this?

  2. Does the level of fortress affect the amount dropped?

  3. Does the ccompletion % affect the amount dropped?

I know these seem obvious questions. And the answers are probably obvious too.
But we don’t have the answers yet.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


The kind of questions I needed answering but was too lazy to ask :joy:

Crytals in the dungeon

Each Flag earned in Fortress will earn you Strength and Vitality, with Gold earning you more than Silver. This amount is the same across all difficulties.

Completing the entire Fortress also gives a reward depending on difficulty.

It’s worth noting you have to participate in the Fortress to get rewards (just like Tokens)!

Crytals in the dungeon

Now that is how you awaken all the guild sleepers who never do fortress,

Fall behind or do more is a great way to kick butts into gear :joy:


Did my 5 battles in fortress. Restarted app, but didn’t receive any vitality nor strength. They are both at zero. :frowning:


They’ll come when fortress has been closed and you get your rewards for that :slight_smile:


So you get your fortress complete crystals AND your flag crystals at the same time? Cause it was implied that they were two different prizes.

Just trying to understand this.


I’ll show some comparisons in a minute just hashing up some figures


2885 haul is for more harder completed
2435 haul is for hard completed
1955 haul is for normal complete
1475 is for easy complete


Hey, Cottontail, thanks for that :slight_smile: