Crytals in the dungeon


Hey can anyone tell me how to get Crystal’s in the dungeon?? I’ve played all 3 dungeons and theres no drops. I’ve looked through PQ and I see nothing pertaining to how to get red and blue potions to fill crystal bar. Anyone have any input on this?much appreciated. Thanks.


Crystals do not drop in the Dungeon, but you can earn them with your Fortress and Portal Lords rewards!


Oh ok thank you for the info. I didnt see that anywhere.


More detail in there :wink:


Hi I had 26 fortress flags yesterday after server 6 2.6 update and 15 flags so far today but have not received any potion or Crystal drops. Please can you help


Hits …
Fortress rewards when they come in is when the rewarded vials appear…
What timezone is your guild set to?
If it ended before the patch was officially up and running then I doubt you would have got those but should recieve them for this time at the end of fortress

Do a ticket as well so CS know about it :wink:


Think the misunderstanding is people think they gonna get individual rewards when completing a line. That’s not the case. The flags that you collect is a group effort, and the points you get when you take a line down will be added to the reward at the end of the raid.

It works just like tokens: you get so many per line that’s defeated, and if you complete it, you get a bonus.

I think there should be more ways to collect it though. Like if you do complete a line, an individual should get a little-- but all flags should reward the same, so that people aren’t just fighting a bunch of gold ones.

The fortress 5 battle daily quest should also reward some vitality and strength.


Hi cotton tail, thanks for coming back to me. Ok my settings say game time zone is GMT+ 1.00, we completed fortress in the early hours but no potions? Help please. Also who are CS ( plse excuse my ignorance as I’m old school


CS is Support as for why you’re not getting crystals… what server is it you’re playing on? @Hits06 I’m guessing s6 but could be wrong I’ll have to reread patch notes see if any servers were excluded on the crystal addition.


So I reread the patch notes epic crystals only applied to s1-s3 currently. So that may be the culprit of why you’re not getting them @Hits06


Hiya AERITH, yep on server 6 seems funny to unlock epic function on hero but not able to get items to use it yet?


Epic crystals are different from epic gear shards. Epic gear shards are gathered from killing bosses in epic and epic epic dungeon and are used to upgrade your heroes via the Forbes found in epic and epic epic dungeons. Epic gear shards can also be bought in shops but for 3k tokens for 5 shards I advise against buying them.


Was Forbes a Freudian slip because you need to be on their top 100 list to afford anything in this game? :joy::joy::joy:


That was auto correct being a derp… forges was the word I spelled out.


I’ll just pretend my joke was understood :grin:


It was understood which is why I’m not correcting the spelling in the original post :joy: but yeah guardians of the galaxy moment there. “If something goes over my head I’ll simply catch it.”


Gr8, luv guardians of the galaxy


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There should be some way to penalize those never or rarely doing fortress. The majority of the time I fight till all Heroes gone. But without help we can’t win…


Kick and replace them :wink:

They will lose out on all guild rewards lol