Cuentas perdidas?

Cómo es posible que en el server 9 la gente esté perdiendo sus cuentas y no den solución? hace 8 días y 20 horas un compañero de nivel 121 le desapareció su cuenta, ya no puede conectar con el server 9 puesto que no esta activado. No le han dado solución, sólo le han dicho que por un problema en la actualización se ha perdido su cuenta. Anoche otro compañero perdió dos cuentas. Si seguimos así desde luego no va a haber jugadores. Espero solucionen estos problemas. Gracias.

Yes, with the upcoming fusion of server 9 eith server 8, our guildmate ezemix (account 1078361) tried to swap between his accounts and got locked outside server 9. We are deeply worried that this situation is affecting two top players in our guild, causing us issues with war, fortress raids and influence build. Therefore, we urge admins and devs to help exemix and chihiro verde recover their accounts BEFORE, server merge, and also send general messages advising people instructions and guidelines on how to proceed in case something similar happens to them in this pre-fusion intersticium.

Cheers, Simmonello


If a player is able to provide proof of ownership, we are able to restore access to any accounts they may lose. We didn’t make any changes that would have caused players to lose connection to their accounts, we just deactivated creating new accounts on Server 9.

If someone has lost access to a server 9 account, they should log into the game on another server, link that account to a recovery method (Google Play, Apple, or Facebook), and then use that account to contact support. That will allow us to link the lost account to that recovery method and return the account to the list.


Muchas gracias por la respuesta tan rápida. Los compañeros están haciendo los pasos y tomando capturas para saber dónde está el error.
Reitero el agradecimiento.

Quiero recuperar mi cuenta ya hace una semana que no tengopuedo acceso a ella asi que quiero alguna solución para ello, datos de dicha cuenta son:
In-Game Name: Portal Quest
Purchase Receipt: I never made a purchase in the game
Team Level: 121
Guild Name: Team paladins
Server: 9


Espero que con los datos que mandaste tengas pronta respuesta ya que también esta perjudicando al gremio y puede que la gente empiece a dejar el juego. Suerte.

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Quiero recuperar mi cuenta del server 9 no e podido volver a entrar información de la cuenta es:
Game name:portal quest
Team level:125
Guild name: team paladins


Quisiera agradecerles la rápida respuesta con las cuentas perdidas de mis compañeros. En nombre del gremio al que represento, en el de todos sus miembros y en el mio propio estamos muy contentos de tenerlos de nuevo entre nosotros y de la gestión tan rápida que han tenido.
Un cordial saludo.

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Estoy muy feliz de que hayamos podido ayudar. ¡Gracias!

My old account was literally hacked and my phone was charged huge bucks, my cell service took another 1/2 K out of my bank today. My daughter has had her accounts hacked and now out back accounts are being drained. It all leads back to two blood suckers attached to my old PW account. I took an image of the hackers and then my phone shut down. When it came back on PQ was on my screen and had started itself from the beginning. I have yet to figure out who and where to give this evidence to before it disappears if it hasn’t already. We are filing a police report tomorrow and submitting all of our evidence. I don’t know what else to do. This is serious though. Support must have been tired from the extend days off bc when they came back they snubbed me and now I’m ghosted again. Sighs. I don’t have thousands of dollars. The amount taken that I know of, that is a majority of my rent money. I don’t know what I will do next month.

I read your response and I can’t help but hear a little irritation in your words. There are steps for players to execute. Well, what happens when we do and die process isn’t even offered? How are we players supposed to provide proof when hackers have all the technogy and can cover their tracks as fast as I find them in my device? I’m not a hacker. An honest player. If I ask the wrong question, I’m banned for life,. If I get ripped off and ask for a refund from theft, I’m banned for life. I just feel completely vulnerable and PQ support doesn’t have the time to have a conversation with me?

I’m sorry if I sound rude to you, I really am, but I have a feeling this is bigger than just the 500+$ just removed from my account. All our debit cards were shut down due to supicious activity. My entire family. What am I supposed to do!? Who do I give my evidence to?

There isn’t an option to upload an image in my support section of my gamer profile. It’s very difficult to even get a message to support. I just need to express myself, bc everything I’m experiencing, there are more than just me out there that love your game but we are vulnerable to hackers.

I use Google cards to buy my game stuff. So, I protect myself. Anyway, I needed to let you know to be gentle with us new people. I feel more than scared and angry and I come to forums to learn what to do and I read your answer and it’s so trite as if this is all so wine had to do. Well sometimes, it’s waaaay more complex than just logging into an old account or just providing proof.


La verdad es que siento mucho lo que te ha pasado. Espero que lo puedas solucionar pronto y que pueden detener al culpable. No entiendo como puede haber gente tan mala que se dedique a hacer esas cosas y que no las detengan. Entiendo como te sientes. Recibe un cordial saludo. Macama

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