Current meta help - empress/cultists combo!

Hey guys and girls,

Can somebody please explain to me, the current meta of the following team setup:

Front: Lion Knight, whoever you want
Back: Crimson Cultist, Exiled Empress, Tubby Traveller.

My team, any team setup, enters the battlefield and they’re wiped within 4 seconds on normal speed.

I get that Empress gives extra damage to allies that attack cursed units from her epic skill. Plus Cut Down skill, she will deal more damage for any target with full health. I doubt Cursed Flail skill activates before 4 seconds and her Inspiration is useful but not enough to make that much difference.

I can’t tell whether Tubby’s Bamboozle blue skill activates, in which case, with his Explosive Strike, that’s a little extra damage. Also his epic skill deals extra damage after characters gain 30 energy in one go…are my team being gifted energy at the start of the battle or something?

Cultist has Cursed Touch skill so I can understand some quick damage to one enemy, but the whole team? :frowning: unless the explosion strike from Tubby is hitting everyone due to Cultist’s curse touch and Empress’ epic skill.

Lastly, you have Lion Knight with Fair Fight skill that stops Beginning of battle skills. Maybe the Detonate Protection skills might contribute…

Can somebody help me make sense of my ramblings…

I’ve also found a more general setup that works a little less effectively but still hell which is empress and cultist, as if they’re the only 2 you need…

Er… cultist with empress buffs

Think she does a thing that hits the whole team, and she gains energy quickly

Panda (if maxed epic) will also silence + fatigue any warlocks or energy gens

Annnddd lion cancels cleric aura that neutralizes empress curse

Pretty deadly

Counters. How to counter that.

I’d want tree to stop cultist. Basher so panda doesnt screw my backs as well.

Flint… flint is always the answer

And probably cleric alchy or pixie and another dmg hero

Just initial first thoughts

I think it’s about Server 8 because the whole challenger arena is full with the lines. So no basher and Flint is pretty new. Right now it’s just pay2win, max and mirror.

quietly manages to be there or thereabouts without doing any of those things

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