Current update and portal Lords quest

Quick question
I have almost completed a PL quest with about an hour left before it runs out.
Will the quest countdown still remain at its current countdown?
Or will the timer still continue to countdown as server is updated?
Effectively I’d rather not loose 80% progress due to server being offline! Haha.
Please put my mind at rest.

You should be good. The game will be put on hold until the update is completed

Thanks mate!

Quest countdowns still play out during updates same as consumables do

I never actually bothered to look at it, but if it’s counting it’s counting :thinking:
Since it’s just a server update it shouldn’t take that long, so you should be good either way :wink:

As updates go. It was a quick one. I can relay that the countdown kept going after server was down. Good thing I was near completion had 15 minutes left to finish PL quest when I got back on.
I’d be a little annoyed if update took longer and I missed out lol

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Glad you got it sorted :wink:
I got caught out once a while back, its how i knew they play out
Pesky timers :rofl:

All a learning curve! I’d be so miffed if I lost out on 2k PL quest by literally minutes because of update lol

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