Current war format = no joy

When the was format was changed, I did not like it. I’ve waited a while to see if it grew on me… It has…like mildew. Is there some way to get the war format returned to the old way, or split the difference between them. This format is really punishing Guilds that were contenders before by having to rely on players who are not able sign in everyday due to the restrictive settings of the attack points. Casual Guild families would still like to have fun too.

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I actually preferred it, until they upped the AP.

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I’m with you Bunny.

This new war format has basically done two things in my mind. It has likely improved the war experience for highly communicative/hardcore guilds, but it leaves the more casual guilds feeling forced to either get out their paddle/become hardcore or throw their hands up and be fine with constant defeats.

It has been frustrating to say the least. I’m not about to threaten the laid back, fun vibe of our guild just to win some wars, but it would be nice to not feel punished for it.

That said… we have still somehow managed to be a tier 1 contender, soooo yay, go us!! (But I’d still love to see it changed) :blush:

I agree I don’t like it at all some of us have lives and jobs that do not revolve around this new format.

This new format is actually easier for those with lives and jobs to hit.
There’s no waiting for attack points to generate.
You get them all at the start and have 24 hours to turn up and hit.

Should there be more credits than there are currently?

Were there too many before?

Is this all an elaborate plan by per blue to make us all cry out for more attack credits, so when they either lower the points per line, or give us some more starting credits next month, we all thank them and enjoy war again, instead of crying about our lost credits if they had just made one adjustment to the middle ground?

Yeah, probably.


I have notest that some not all of the hi rancking tack advantage of the new format and some times dont even put an attack in so that the gild gets stronger that is a bit of a problem right now dont know If you have been dealing with the same thing. It’s the support that is needed not the bad feeling that one have more of a chance I think this falls on the game developers and it also puts a device in the game so them as we have been seeing people having a go at one another about how the game should go I also think that this is down to the game developers I think they need to have a good look at this before it gets out of hand and they fined them selves losing loyal customers

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Remember this war is still expuremenral for the servers so dont take it too serious. Whatever issues you have just inform them so they can note it and whichever beneficial they’ll look into it. Remember tour complaints has to be within reason not only for your own personal enjoyment but will be beneficial for the game #LONGTERM or til they get new ideas

New ideas?

More heroes, more gear and one last rarity colour until the money we spend becomes untenable for them to spend the developer time to maintain it.

That’s the future, no anomaly

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