Customer Support Info


Hi all,

Here’s some information about contacting Customer Support!


  • Customer Support is in the office from 9 AM until 6 PM CT M-F.
  • Tickets submitted on the weekends will be addressed starting on Monday. It can sometimes take a couple days, depending on ticket volume, so please be patient.

Contacting Support

Tap on your avatar, then the Support button.

  • Search through our FAQ to see if there’s already an answer there.
  • If you can’t find an answer in our FAQ, tap the conversation icon in the top right corner to open a conversation with PerBlue support.

If you cannot log into the game, please visit our web FAQ and use the ‘Contact Us’ button. Please include as much information as you can about your issue and your account.

Free Diamond Offers
Unfortunately, we have no control or insight into the free diamonds offers.You will need to contact the offering company’s customer support in order to find out why a deal was not fulfilled.

Unable to log on without crashing
2 accounts again merging
Unable to participate in tournament and fight in guild wars
Game is frozen even if i kill it
Why are we not able to connect? Waited for server update...then had to do game update...We Are In The Middle of Guild Wars! Whats up?!?!
Dungeon und support funktioniert nicht
Invalid loot even if you uninstall and install again
Need a perblue employees to respond to me
Ich find meinen account nich wieder
Game isnt working on Google Pixel 2 XL oreo 8.1

@Ironangel, is there an ID or a screenshot that would be helpful to take in the game if we want to give you maximum information in case of lockout?

I’ve played other games that the loading screen or account screen had a unique number that customer service found helpful. That screenshot saved more than one account for me.


If you’re in the account, all of that is captured by Zendesk and reported (player ID, device info, etc). If you are locked out and have a screenshot of the locked account, that’s definitely helpful!


may I ask why I am silenced for 7 days on s2? IGN @Old Man


We’ve made the move to HelpShift, so the first post has been updated with new information how to contact support.



Yes, because I have no idea how to collect my contest winnings


Oh you were right.
I am next.