Customised titles/ranks/additional ranks for guild

What’s everyone’s thoughts on customising ranks/adding new ranks to guilds?

We have currently undergone a merge on 1 of my servers and have 2 leaders. But only 1 has leader rank. Not a huge deal I know.
But I feel a co-leader rank would be good.
In addition to this also co-warchief and so forth.

Basically opening ranks up a bit and maybe having an option to allow certain permissions for each rank in place of ranks already available.

Ranks in place I feel aren’t quite sufficient. Delegating jobs to players and promotions only allow for a few ranks.
Many guilds have several war chiefs/commanders.

As for customisable ranks. Maybe being able to change name of ranks. Mainly cosmetic and only visible to the players in the guild.
Whether it’s preset names or allowing leader to decide on rank names.

Have played WOW many moons ago and they have a similar mechanic in play. I feel it could be a nice addition here to.

If people aren’t. For.customisable ranks I still feel having additional co-ranks is needed.

I feel this is needed.

Oh gosh I hope they don’t do this.

Giving out ranks is bad enough as it is.

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Addition to this as we have many war chiefs and commanders after merge some more experienced than others… but to demote loyal players I feel isn’t good. Which furthers my opinion we should be able to appoint main chiefs for certain roles.
Having 5 war chiefs/officers/comanders because they are great players but it’s the only.way we can promote to show gratitude it would be nice to distinguish who is the main War leader…
The customisable ranks that I suggested would be primary roles delegated to loyal players such as
Recruitment officer
Fortress officer
War officer
And so forth
I’m. Sure everyone’s heard the saying… too many chefs spoil the broth.
Same principle
Either more ranks or customised ranks to show who’s the boss or leader of a certain section.

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