Daily quests no epic


not everyine does the epic stuff. it should not be included in the dailys. makes it harder for f2p to advance. plus do not get the weekly rewards since cant finish dailys. this game use to be fun but niw is more like work. no wonder so many players are quiting.


You can get all weekly rewards without doing epic


It’s difficult to advance without doing epic. Why take it out of the dailies? It benefits the f2p player to do epic and get a reward from it. I’m not understanding your complaint.


Also you can start the epic dungeons with just 9 keys and them pass 40 day with that just completing one floor of epic each day.

But if you want to get competitive you will need the epic probably not to level all to max. But just getting your Heroes with epic is a big change in the game. And anyone that is playing for fun and want to be competitive must get heroes to epic.

This is part of the fun of the game my friend


Don’t even have to do a whole floor. Just find an epic scrap and the daily is done. You can make those keys last 2 months of dailies doing that. It honestly the easiest of the dungeon dailies be ause you dont have to clear a whole floor every time.


have to be able to get into epic to do any of that


First you have to build your hero’s to Orange beforehand and build up there skills , pony for healer, princess portal. Spell binder to possess others and your front line mine are brawler and shield maiden


yes i know…but till then no completed dailys


Until you reach level 35, you don’t get endless dungeon dailies.
Until you kill scion 5 times, you don’t get boss dungeon dailies.
Until you unlock the crusade, you don’t get crusade dailies…

I mean I could keep writing them all out.
But you get my point.
You can achieve the weekly rewards easily without epic dungeon daily, if you aren’t there yet.

Heck, I’m on server 9. Level 65.
No epic.
And I can fill that bar full enough to claim a sixth reward on Mondays, if it would let me.

F2p / new players aren’t “missing out”.


havent gotten any heros to orange yet so cant play epic so why is it in the dailys