Daily Raid Ticket Quests Guild Perk

I’ve created my 1st guild & am wondering what exactly is the Daily Raid Ticket Quests Guild Perk. Is it only for ptp players? Is it worth spending influence? Thanks!

Players who are VIP 1 and higher get raid tickets daily, and that perk increases those.

I’d highly recommend that you get to at least VIP 3 by doing diamond offers found at the bottom of the purchasing page. In addition to 40 raid tickets per day, you’ll gain the ability to spend more than 1 raid ticket at a time.

Or just buy the really cheap monthly diamond deal
Really cheap
Free diamonds everyday for a month
Vip 3 easily

Worth the 3 dollars (or whatever currency you have)

I may have 50,000 Raid Tickets I may not to be able to use. But one of my 2 accts is completely out of stamina, any chance we can do a trade here? lol

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I would love to trade with you