Daily torch quest is unfair


Considering the hours I’ve put in to get to level 75 for dungeon level… I should be able to collect this quest regardless of how many torches over 1000 I am.
Haven’t been able to collect the quest since I was dungeon level 58.
Think about how many days that is… Near on 200+ days without being able to collect what is rightfully mine.
And no I won’t run them down under 1000 due to keeping a good reserve for any upcoming dungeon contests.

Make it happen Perblue! I want my free torches so I can stop wasting gems and tokens on them


I’ve argued this before but to no avail


Top rank in a dungeon contest || Daily torch quest

Pick one


Nah. :joy::joy::joy: hoarding should be encouraged
If you pay to play sure whatever but if you batter dungeons you should be able to reap those rewards regardless
Capping players from hoarding what they have rightly earned is a Crappy way to operate a game

If you worked 60 hours at a job and they told you you only get 40 hours pay you’d be miffed by that…
Same logic applies to the second job pq…
They are mine to collect but the oversight stops progression


So essentially, you’re asking Perblue to change something such that you don’t have to spend as much money while implying that you’ll continue to spend that amount of money if the change is never made. Considering that, removing the cap doesn’t make much sense from a business perspective :stuck_out_tongue:


I definately support this. I do manage to claim my daily most days (108 torches dungeon lvl82) but if you throw a contest prize and some event chests on top of that it gets to be a hassle and not being able to claim does not comply with my OCD😂


I dont like the torch cap either. I feel like I’m being punished for not being able to dungeon every day. You can save gold to no limits, xp, tokens, consumables like stamina or double dungeon boosts. All of these things affect the contests or portal lords, so it doesn’t really make sense to limit dungeon activity. Whether one uses all their torches daily or saves them for one long weekend, the amount of time in the dungeon is the same.
Its time to get rid of the torch cap, it severs no purpose except to punish people who dont have time to dungeon every day. Let people choose if they want to save their torches or not.
With the torch burn rate in Epic-Epic, a 1000 torches doesn’t really last that long, if pb doesn’t want to eliminate the cap, they should at the very least raise it to 2 or 3 thousand.


Omg yes yes yes yes. Torches capped at 1000 is disgraceful. The least 3k imo. Please Perblue, they’re truly rightfully ours to claim! Thank you, i love you perblue muah


Why is there even a max amount of torches you can have until the quest won’t allow you to claim it

  1. You won’t use that many torches anyway.
  2. You could just let them sit in your mailbox (view then cancel to avoid the red dot).
  3. Loss of daily torches is nowhere near as annoying as the K in the representation of the number.


Bumped!! So it’s on the list on main page again :joy::joy:


Supporting this topic.


@Zathros I use over 2000 torches a week
Sick of spending tokens and gems on them when I should be able to just collect what I earn for free


This point about torches is already on the WizhTM list.


And you get 1200 or so a week from level and fortress. You must be buying 700 torches from somewhere that get sent to you. Keep your contest and purchase torches in your mailbox and you’ll have plenty when you need them.

Or have perBlue change it. Likely it just involves adding a zero to a single line of code. But what happen when everyone is sitting on 10k torches?


Then they are hoarders and don’t do as much dungeon
If you buy your way to Epics then you don’t use many…
If you buy influence with stam packs you don’t use many…
I do both of those with torches and hoard everything else as do many other players


I don’t get any for free unless I burn em down which I won’t


MZ on GOW tried making their dungeon super special and a bigger deal than it was, now I’m pretty sure it has very little use in the game. I call for the abolishment of freemium games forcing crappy dungeon game play down our throats.


Hmmm yes dungeon is tedious tbh… :persevere::slightly_smiling_face:maybe long term adjustments would be required

One idea I’ve been mulling over is to merge endless and epic dungeons into one mode.
Keep boss dungeon as a unique feature

Combine endless and epic
Endless floors… With only bosses dropping epic gear… Change lineup as it suits
Run thousands of floors collecting influence nuggets, orange gear, crit successes
If Perblue have an issue with torchlight perk then make it last 50 floors per time…I.e… reset the bonus at 51st floor and don’t show Shrine for torchlight until another 49 floors have been completed
Would give Freeplayer guilds chance to utilise torches more effectively whilst also capping paying players from benefiting too much from it…
So say I skip endless to floor 70 and add all shrines… I wouldnt get torchlight until floor 130… Would last till 180… Then floor 181 to 230 I wouldn’t see torchlight and so on like that repetitive throughout.
Would still give reason to spend gems and tokens on torches but also allow players to have some semblance of free playing for hero boosting.
With the new red gear faculties we will all be using hero xp and gold on those as well as trying to farm Epics and Influence for guild perks…

Merged dungeons done in a manner similar to this would reduce player time in game but also still generate income for Perblue in long run

After floor 1750 not many heros have a survival capacity to handle the damage dealt by enemies in endless so would add the difficulty aspect to the mode but would be achievable with trial and error.
Crit key consumable reduces risks in endless but is a pay to play feature as of now so there’s more income generated.
Lineup changes per floor would slow progress depending on fights but a continuous run would be more appealing as can test all sorts of lines with the 54 heros available while still making total power progress

Obviously this is a pipe dream but if anyone could devise a method that would utilise those two modes in one session we would all be able to spend less time switching dungeons but gives a worthwhile challenge to earning the gear required.

I’ve had all sorts of these ideas since epic was released and this seems fairly feasible and beneficial to players and Perblue long term

@Etesian @OhRlyeh
What do you think??
Will copy and paste this to ticket and email idea along too just to get awareness out into public domain


Wouldn’t that mean that epic scraps would take much, much longer to get?