Deal quality for real money


There have been a number of “deals” in the game which aren’t deals when you look at what has been offered. Some of the recent ones are bad and other bad ones I keep seeing get repeated. It would be nice to see more consistent value for the deals for the same money- obviously some deals are going to be a better value than others depending on what you currently need in the game- be it gold, experience, torches, stamina, or gold chests for example. I very recently started recording the deals that I see. Life happens so I don’t catch every deal shown. Has anyone else been keeping track? If not, hopefully this list will help others decide if the currently offered “deal” is a good value.

My list thus far:
PQ Deals List

Most recently the Boss Basher Bundle (5 stamina, 500000 exp, 5 boss keys, 100 torches) was posted a second time with more than DOUBLE (10 stamina, 1000000 exp, 15 boss keys, 200 torches) what was offered the last time for the exact same money. For the special chest deals- the same money could have gotten you 3 extra chests- 9 versus 6. The most expensive deals also tend to be fairly underwhelming compared to stacking the stackable cheaper deals.


Hey thanks for collecting this data. Hero training program went from 1.1m+double drops/free stamina to 1m+same to 900k+stamina to 900k to 800k to 700k to 900k to 300k or something like that.
This current time hasn’t been the only one where they doubled the offer for the same price; they did it a week or two ago maybe with slingshots, poisoned darts, stamina items, ninja spinners, and a few other things for example. And as usual chest offers vary wildly.
And to the people thinking that a deal is “good” because PQ rarely offers it or because it’s double what they previously offered for the same price, there’s a principle called anchoring that generally states comparing deals with each other is a bad idea :slight_smile:
So a better way to go about portraying this is thinking about it economically - is the utility or pleasure derived from purchasing a deal more worth it than the money spent getting that entertainment?
Of course, the answer is yes for a lot of people, so I won’t stop them :blush: