Dear PerBlue, Listen

Portal Quest was one of my favorite games. Keyword: was. I still want to love this game but the truth is Portal Quest has gotten stale. I appreciate the effort but although all the updates just feel like the same generic blob.
New hero!
New chapter!
Portal lords!
New stamps!
New skins!
New borders!
But never a game play update. What’s a chapter? A bunch of fights that play themselves with a fresh paint. What’s a hero? A new character that you watch play itself.
See the problem here? Every time there’s nothing new that changes the core game play. I want something fresh. Something exciting. Something unique. PerBlue is playing it safe with every update. But the truth is, we don’t need another bland update with a chapter and a hero. We need something out there. Something different than what we have. Because the truth is, if PB stepped out of their comfort zone just a little bit and tried to create something new, the game would be much better.

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Because all the developers time has been pulled onto the next three or four games (and those are only the ones we know about!) since this one.

So now it’s chapter , rarity , hero , levels until we spend so little that the money in isn’t worth the time they spend making that little bit of content

It’s three years old.
The war update was the last major change.
Even the last rarity colour wasn’t a new skill, just the ability to load your hero with both skill options.

Read the writing on the wall.


Money farm is the business model here, basically.

Why not just make 28715 alts and get into guilds, get ranked up, then kick everyone. That sounds like a good way to have fun.

Exactly why I’m making ten guilds of me

Dear Wadda.

Everyone has to play the game their own way.

Apart from you.
You need professional help.

Please, especially during these confusing and restricted times we are in, consider clicking the link below:

Never trust an online therapist they’re dirty tricksters

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Especially with a thumbnail like that lol

Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to be cynical.
I trust the person that passed their details on to me, in an official capacity, not a personal one, I add quickly.

I also have no professional interest, or make any referral income from that thumbnail or link.

I just honestly think that if @The_Wadda_Alt and all the alts are one person, that person could do with some professional help

But if I’m brutally honest

(And to be faiiiir, 999999 times out of 1000000 I am)

I really don’t care if you do, or not.
You be you.

They are all me, yes.

And online therapists are hob goblins

I am sure that there are some uncertified people (and some certified ones!) in every profession, that string out the job they are doing longer than it should take, in order to obtain more money from their client.

People looking for good therapists, whether online or otherwise, will sadly fall prey to people trying to do this.

Heck, even an actual therapist trying their best to help you might not be the right fit for your situation.

To denigrate an entire profession with such a sweeping generalisation is at best a clear marker of your limited understanding, and at worst a fallacy that prevents others from getting help.

It’s like saying all mobile game developers are cash grabbing swine.

Oh… Wait…


AltAmnesty. Has a nice ring to it.

All folk who are Maxxed or have played for more than 400 days need that referral :wink: Addicts helping addicts is always a sweet gesture however :laughing:

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