Dear PerBlue... thank you!

i play on s10. it was big fun. made lotsa friends in game.
our guild, has become my 2nd family.
then the merge was announced.
i was not happy about it… especially after i found out that we would get so many new heroes.
u gave us a leveling pack, which wasnt even half the mats we needed… and during the month, after many complaints… u gave us some useful extras… and some stupid stuff. like 3000 torches. like what… lets do 200 full epic epic runs to skill up epic lvl???
i decided to merge my 2 s10 accounts, so that i b having 1 nice account which wouldnt require too much work/money (i thought).
yesterday the merge happened. i checked my bags… i had 24.5k stampacks! i thought… nice! i b ok :slight_smile:
then i found out we had 2 lvl caps. which would mean hours and hours of work… and by far not enough mats to level up everything.
the wars where fun. i had to search for the correct heroes for 10 minutes to line up… since there r no names attached to the heroes. when i finally found the right heroes, and post ss i war chat, i found out some1 else already hit that line.

i have been patient… tried so hard not to quit the game… as i got many friends in game… and i really enjoyed playing it.
but PB, u finally succeeded. i am quitting.
thanks for the wonderful game, and time i had.
i will miss it. mostly my friends… and the haters not so much.

with love,

MeNDeZ aka FlyingDutchman.


Per blue world class strikes again…

Forced to retire from s10 guild only server 1 player there to help guide/steer
Guild has collapsed since I was forced to retire

ewww quitters. hope its not contagious…

This makes me so sad.

It’s a three year old game that has had one actual gameplay change update in the last year.
If you get so upset by this, don’t watch any Disney films, you’ll be a blubbing shell

S10 players got screwed… plain and simple. I was top 200 in total power rankings… usually averaging around 175… now at 820. So much for getting us to where we needed to be b4 the merge. Sorry, not sugar coating it anymore, it sucks.

I agree they have dropped the ball s10 players never had a chance because of the I have decided I will not be spending anymore money on this game as it is not worth it anymore Mendez was correct met a lot of good friends but the game has become all about how much money per blue can squeeze out of us players which is why I will not be spending

Dear PerBlue,
Do you see this player above , the Flying Dutchman, he was playing and teaching when I started. He was an outstanding player, as was King Block, another multi sever player. Sgt Smiley, Woodelf, I could go on but it’s toooooo depressing.
I’m sure you’ll shrug your shoulders and not give a damm about some person you’ve earned from for years. I just don’t get it, you promote involvement and participation, but in reality , it’s all lip service.

On a purely structural level, I have no idea why you have managed this merge so badly, it’s not like you are talking about a lot of players or high end graphics.

Did you actually spend anytime thinking what it would be like fior a player to spend months slogging away getting to the top, then overnight, you trash all of that work and achievements and can’t even be bothered to explain why. Even ‘’the dog ate my plans” would be something .

Then the final insult of not even giving us the tools to rebuild with . I need about 80 mill HP to bring each toon up from 205 to 210. and honours. Even with 2x Hp on, you can’t earn a fraction of what you need, you can’t even buy HP in the shops.

You are hemoraging, high level, high spending players, who won’t be playing ANY PerBlie gamers in the future, as they have been treated disgracefully.

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What disrespectful bs , mici.
It’s not about the changes, it’s about the way they have implemented them.

One simple question, have they disadvantaged the players on server 10, if yes in any way , shut your mouth you arrogant fool.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this.

Put real life on hold to comment on the ridiculously over blown and dramatic reactions of people about a pay to win mobile game.

I mean, most non war days I spend more time on here than I do in the actual game lol.
It makes me wonder what it is all for.

And then there’s days like this.
When I sit, sipping my morning coffee (caramel latte by the way, for those of you that are no longer in guilds with me and miss my caffeine craving, sleepy war hits and fortress smashing).

If you were reading along in real time, it’s about now where we reach that fabled “hold my coffee” moment. You know the one :wink:

That moment when I realise that I looked at all the facts, thought about them either sitting in my chair or lying in my bed, made a salient and rational point based on the evidence in front of me.
Then somewhere, hundreds or thousands of miles away, a self entitled whiner who feels that they should be privileged and have special consideration over and above everyone else carrying out the same button presses, staring at a little screen, because they spent some money to get some digital 1s and 0s, so their imaginary avatar could have some insubstantial made up currency with no actual real world value, reads what I said and straight up loses their shit.

(sorry per blue forums. I know this will downvote my post to oblivion, which is a shame, as the points made within are quite pertinent).


Dear PerBlue… Thank you!
Thank you for making such a great game (or addictive Skinner box, you decide!) that it has held my attention for three years.

Most games last an hour / day / week if they are lucky on this phone.
Even poor polytopia finally got deleted.

Anyways, it has been an interesting rollercoaster, and while it does occasionally make me nauseous, I wont stop riding it until you turn the lights off and open the next one.
Those of you with a neurotypical response to a well crafted piece of digital entertainment, I’ll see you there.

To anyone that has ever been affected by anything that I have said on this forum, or in game, and has felt inclined to make any insults or threats in my direction, please note.

I’m not a real person.
I’m an imaginary construct.
And with all due deference to the great Jim Cornette…

I don’t feel human emotions.
I have a soft spot for family members, animals and handicapped kids.
Everyone else can fuck all the way off.


I agree with Tune and Mici…though not the harshest parts lol…surely there is a balance between money makes the world go round and whatever the alternative is. Gaming companies are making more now than ever before…if banks can give their “customers” a reprieve on cost for services I think PB can do…as it is none of what they are giving is real so it’s no skin off their back in the end.
Raid tickets shop anyone?

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Raid tickets shop would be cool.

So would those other three guild shops we were promised.
And double orange gear drops guild perk.

Heck we are up to gold +5 today, where’s the double red gear drops guild perk.

None of these improvements would be game changing for whales, or break the spending economy.
Butttttttt it would let free to play people get a tiny bit closer to being semi competitive.

I must be ill. I’m agreeing with Mici


Now sure why we need all this whining and complaining…how much more free stuff did u need to catch up ? And you’re really complaining because your rank changed? Stop being lazy and deal
With more competition. Isn’t the game about competing ? I’m glad there’s more and better competition. It makes you better . I’ve spent a lot of money on s10 also but so what ? Damn people

I personally am not bashing anyone on tbe forums, we are all entitled to an opinion. My gripe was lack of implementing the S10, S8 merge. Spending $20 a month, over a couple years to upgrade is doable, but expecting that spending in 1 month to catch up is not. Everyone in S10 (except those that will spend $300 in a month) is way behind the S8 members. Guild Wars show most every S10 team losing against their S8 counterpart, except the top 2 teams… so my gripe is that they didn’t plan ahead well enough or provide S10 the resources to get us to a point to be competitive with S8 before the merge. S10 didn’t ask for the merge… wasn’t our call. So PQ needs to make it right, because they screwed it up. And most people won’t be on the forums complaining, just the few of us that use it often.

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If any of you had seen my earlier posts on the subject, you would have seen that i have consistently, complained or ‘Whined, as you put it, on behalf of others, not my ‘ entitled self.

I‘ve consistantly pointed out that the huge gulf created by the arbitrary cut off at Red for any support or uplift for so many of the newbies. I supported quite a few, who were keen and growing, but have no way of catching up, they e stopped playing. It doesn’t matter how much we all moan or just play happily, everything you have put in , time and money wise will be wasted if new players don’t join and stay. The game will shut down .

I’ve never said I wanted any special treatment, I expected a level playing field and let’s face it, when Perblue give something away, it’s not cost anything, except in projected income, we don’t have to be grateful because they are donating real cash.
I’m sure a simple trawl of players stats would let them identify daily active spenders, that are having trouble scraping together 300 million HP per Blue/Orange toon to get it to red 14…

So I stand by my ‘Arrogant comment Mici, rightly or wrongly this game means a lot to people, and it’s our friends that are quitting because of the cavalier attitude towards people’s feelings and investment.

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Makes total sense to me


Pesky PB