'Defenders start combat with the Improved Cursed Touch skill'

Defenders start combat with the Improved Cursed Touch skill:

I was merely wondering if anyone knows what the ‘Improved’ part contains?

All attacks from finesse heroes insta curse the whole team, not just the target (s)


Thanks for the reply - may I ask, how did you find out?
Is this sort(s) of info actually written somewhere?

There definitely is a list somewhere… though not sure where. Might be in the post that details new war changes.

In here under mage tower > secondary buffs I think



TIL that I should read patch notes.

I have often wondered where this information was published, as it is not listed CLEARLY anywhere in the actual game itself.

Which seems like a sensible place to put it.
But hey, I’m not a game developer… :wink:

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I’ve asked this for many months and never found nor was given a suitable answer. Ty!

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But no like :scream::scream::scream::scream:


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