DELETE ticket was answered


Don’t they realize that they’re dealing with THE Disney AR, a guild of players so important that they should be given priority over literally everything else? Such disrespect!

I didn’t say you didn’t deserve a response, I said that you aren’t more deserving than everyone else. Tickets are answered in the order in which they are received, so waiting a day or two isn’t out of the ordinary. It’s not like your issue is particularly time-sensitive; as long as they get to it before the end of the season then there’s no harm done.

…because the longer I let PB sit on this the less likely I’ll get a fair solution.

That assumption is completely baseless. A guild that didn’t receive their challenger rewards last season (which I’m sure you’d agree is more serious than your issue) were given their compensation package a week later. Believe it or not, nobody from that guild had to throw a temper tantrum on the forums to get it.

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Damn, I missed this

I guess Oasis won from what I can see
EZ Clap

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