Depreciated items go to white ? Not good enough


This compensation package better equate to a real money value of over £500 per player
This is ridiculous
You cannot hope to run a business stealing money off players by flipping the system on its head because you wouldn’t listen to us all these months.
We constantly ask for changes to gear crafting to make it bearable…
Yeah you’ve changed some stuff but the depreciated items being worthless is terrible management.
And you know this
Why not just remove/replace a crafting recipe altogether so that we don’t lose anything ???

Did you think of that ?
Would’ve saved you making a promise for compensation that will be most likely causing uproar amongst all players

I’m not happy at all about this

It’s theft on a grand scale


Could not agree more.
If the compensation is going to be player based and proper based on what has been spent then okay fine great.

If the compensation isn’t going to go that way then this is a slap In the face.
Especially because of this contests.

My guild members have spent likely $500+ just this contest alone on gear that basically becomes worthless the moment this contest ends.

I love that it helps F2P don’t get me wrong. But not in the middle of a rarity change after tons of players have spent money and time grinding for these items.

I hope you do the right thing to fix this PB


The whole thing is messed up… Especially the false spin thrown in. You can use the white deprecated items in the guild shop, sure, over the next year, you can donate 3k scripts worth daily, as a side benefit, you are a constant influence drain on the guild you love so much since they have to use influence to stock the shop. And after all that, you’ll get a few scraps… It’s really difficult to actually come up with any positive feedback on recent updates… They all seem to be either just not thought out well, or poorly executed. There’s no way they will give out a $500 value compensation. It will likely be 3 Stam packs and a smile…


I’m just looking at what I know some players have spent this week for contests
Big money has just been wasted for those already maxxed gear


This is unethical and straight robbery based on this useless contest grinding for useless gear that will be obsolete.


Well, the update notes came out before the contest started. I think every player has to weigh what they view as important… Top spot in a contest, or save resources for after the changes. I’d be more upset if they dropped that info after the contest ended


I’m more outraged by the ~5k stamina packets I used between the update and the release of this “Change and compensation” notice. I chose not to participate in the contest because of this.

This is a pretty low blow from PB.


Yeah, quite literally I’ve spent $150 in the past 2 weeks gearing my heros to O+7 and all that was a waste? I could have waited… And gotten more heros to that level. Let alone the money spent on PQ in general for similar reasons. Agreed it has to be a player based compensation. No offense but if the vip 1 guy gets the same rewards while I have thousands of scraps and 12 vip levels higher I’m pretty much done. And I feel the same about the vip 21’s or anything higher than me. They deserve to be compensated far greater than I should.


I expect at least 1 chat stamp red dot for compensation. Screenshot of proposed compensation if you already have the red dot. (Everyone has the red dot!)