Desperately Need Elite Resets

Hi PB! Me again! I keep singing the same song, and I know I’m a bore, but the cost of double ascending a hero every week has now drained my resources. I’m out of elite resets, completely. Down to zero. Gathering 5,000 plus ascension shards is incredibly costly. The drop rate in chests for new ones is awful, so it’s not like I can even buy chests to stay ahead. Can you please consider increasing the elite resets to 200 in the diamond deals, adding them as contest progress rewards, adding them to tree of devotion, and even, though it pains me to suggest it, adding them to the $5 gyg deals? Additionally, adding ascension shards to shops would give us something to use all our tokens on.

I’m sure there are many players who are more responsible than me and hoard resources longer, and good for them. I also know that many people in my guild are in my exact same situation. Please consider helping?


Don’t worry we get a 2 week break this month with those bird ascensions. That should be good enough to catch up? lol I hear you though. I wait and gather everything up until the xp contest and then max the newly ascended ones then. Makes for a boring month.

I’m in the same boat, just ran out of elite resets. I would also like ask perblue, to take into consideration the things you have asked for. Or without resets I will probably quit the game. I been here from nearly the start. I’m currently ranked 4th for total power, would have been joint 1st, if I hadn’t ran out of resets. So in conclusion Perblue please give us resets please. Lots of them


This is absolutely valid what Jenni is saying… couldn’t agree more! Also, another good QoL change might be to run the x4 elite drops events more often from now on…

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Seriously qol change would be a drop down menu to pick campaign chapters. Just saying


And an elite multiraid or raid all favourited heroes elite stages

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Good idea to have them added to shops .it would make such a difference

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Think of the poor new players. They need Elite Gear more than resets

Think ascension shards for honor points would be nice… Sitting on 25mill of those and got nothing to spend on.

Just a thought


Also “Iswallowalwaysjenny” points are valid

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Who’s Jenny?

She was my most special friend.
She was my only friend.

Although, it’s possible I’m confusing myself with Forrest Gump…

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