Dev Q & A Session: Live Chat, December 3rd 9 AM - 10 AM CST

We’re here to answer any questions and respond to feedback concerning the proposed changes to War earlier in the week!


Well I like them anyway.
Now… Where’s my alt amnesty, you b#####ds? :wink:

I’ll settle for a server merge.

Good to hear! Definitely seems like there was a lot of positive responses to the changes.

Well, this is going swimmingly so far.

I am surprised epidemic isn’t here to blister you for robbing them of 2000 crowns.

Well as leader of not top 10 guild I don’t agree with losing all those crowns, is a higher amount than 100 better? And will the tier system be replaced by the old ranking or something else?

I think we want to start with the 100 crowns first and gather more data on that. We’re certainly not tied to that number and will adjust it as needed for future seasons.

Are we still having tiers?
With the longer season, are they still relevant

Tiers are something we’re still actively talking about and considering changes for. As of right now they will still be in for this next season with the new changes.

Is it an idea to do the doubling of season length when tiers will be reworked? As with the current system we will just get more Challenger guilds

That’s one of the things we have been talking about. Is there a problem with having more Challenger Guilds?

No but it decreases the value of reaching challenger + matches will seem less valuable

That will be the case in the short term but we have some adjustments in mind for tiers that should address this.

For any players feeling they want to quit because of these changes (and for players who have and will maybe quit in the future) is there something in the works that can lift their spirits?


What specific changes do you think are contributing to this feeling?

Too many accounts.
Spread over too many servers

There’s a tiny possibility you weren’t asking me, but still…

A feeling of Groundhog day - same old content every cap raise

Not adding content just for the sake of keeping the cycle going but looking if it’s actually needed or new

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