Dev Q & A Session: Live Chat, December 4th 15:00 - 16:00 CST

We’re here to answer any questions and respond to feedback concerning the proposed changes to War earlier in the week!

Crickets? 10

We’re here if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback!

Did you read the last 3 replies ending with Dev Q & A Session: Live Chat, December 3rd 9 AM - 10 AM CST

Any idea of timeframe for these changes?

Also - how will crown gains be calculated

Yes I did. We feel that all the content we add to the game is necessary. We try our best to make sure that it all feels fresh and that it has a place in PQ.

I think many are concerned as to how much one war can impact (or how little). Would the setting of crowns to 100 mean that the wins would be much less than 50 for guilds evenly matched ? And have you considered tying crowns to milestones (or war score) thus rewarding guilds for progress

We would like to get the War changes in as soon as we can. If all goes according to plan I think we could get them in early next year.

Crowns will still use the same calculation but we’re planning to adjust it to be a little less swingy.

Early next year as in January? Or perhaps a season later?

Will the wars between facing the same guild be increased or kept the same and what is being done with tiers as time of season is increasing

Removing guilds losing crowns would greatly reduce “swingy-ness” but seems a bit high for a reset to 100 max

It really depends on where we land with the adjustments to the Crown calculation. We’ll e gathering more feedback from Guilds after this goes live to make sure the changes are hitting the mark.

My initial thoughts are is that I think the changes are proceeding in a positive direction and I’m pleased you have listened to the concerns of players.

I do have two concerns that pop into mind

  1. a reset to 100 of crowns are calculated in same fashion virtually eliminates any advantage a guild has had in prior seasons (which arguably was hard fought). These guilds argue that “they’ve earned the ability” to skip a queue so it seems that some adjustment needs to be made to award at least a slight advantage to guilds earning top spots (and to prevent extremely skewed pairings initially should higher ranked guilds elect to skip first 1-3 wars to gain easier pathway to challenger)

  2. if tier rankings are kept can something be put in Place to prevent guilds from matching with someone in higher tiers WITH a higher crown balance? I’ve had huge issues being a guild in the 5-10 ranking constantly be hammered with guilds both 100s of crowns higher AND 2+ tiers ahead


We don’t have anything set in stone yet, as far as a release date. We’ll keep everyone posted!

We don’t currently have any plans for changing the rematch period, but it’s always something we can re visit. We’re still considering our options for adjusting how tiers work as well.

I’d also like to see something added (somehow) that ensures the guilds with highest crowns who are actively warring do make it to challenger and get season end rewards. I’m not 100% certain these changes address this concern if nothing is done with how war pairing occurs. A longer season gives a longer time to win 7 wars however it does nothing to eliminate the damaging morale that occurs when guild “just out of contention” continues to be paired with top 4-5 war after war

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Thanks, this is valuable feedback! We definitely want Challenger to feel rewarding and that is one of the main pillars surrounding our talks around Tier adjustments. With the changes already discussed (plus the ones we’re still reviewing internally) we should have good levers to adjust things into a good spot.

Do you have anything specifically in mind for this?

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