Diamond purchases suck

1500 diamonds for a dungeon pack with only items that I have dozens off or 3600 for 6000 epic gear none of I can use? I think it’s time to end spending money on this game until PB gets a bit supportive for former S10 players that want to catch up with S8. If it goes on like this quiting the game is the only option.

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On the other hand.

Thank you per blue for giving me some time off the dungeon.

As an almost free to play person who hates the dungeon, surviving on the kindness of guildmates with four letters in their names, this is a godsend.

If I liked the dungeon, and had no other recourse but to grind for epic scraps, I am sure I would have liked that pack.

It has been a long time since the deals page held anything of interest for me, apart from the occasional special day giveaway border.
I have missed these diamonds deals.
I appreciate they were replaced by diamond and honour token shops, but sometimes these are just nice.

More please.
Ignore Mr / Mrs grumpy trousers / skirt above…


Sry to hear that I’ve hard to freeze my account on s8/s10 portal quest is going down rapidly

I have to agree with Mici here… I heard lots of complaint about s10 having no chance at epic 120 and 5 crystals for the new heroes…

…and you’ve got it for free :slightly_smiling_face: (nearly)

If you don’t have 6000 diamonds spare at this one point in the game what have ya been doing lol

These deals aren’t for the big spenders.

They are band aids for the struggling masses to paper over the cracks.

More, please :slight_smile:

Also… #AltAmnestyForS1

I’ve got 18,000 diamonds but I need xp. So really why do I need diamonds for to begin with.

Well, PB is ignoring suggestion to make the game more attractive all the time. No surprise there is not a single piece of epic gear in the current purchase of any use to me. Why not give epic gear chests? At least there is a chance to get something useful for your diamonds. Maybe even vitality!

Don’t buy it then…

Of course not. As long there is no use for diamonds on this gsme I am going to buy nothing at all. Not for diamonds not for real money.

Hmmm…not buying = F2P = no VIP = no Raiding ( or Chat :open_mouth: ). No there are few if any truly F2P folk…would be a real true pointless drudge to play that way

I’m completely f2p

My friends aren’t :slight_smile:

Good thing gifting exists or I’d still be tap raiding