Diamond Shop Update [Server 1]

PQ Diamond Shop Update

We’re making a few adjustments to the Diamond Shop. These changes will be released to the server at 1:00 PM CT (no downtime or release needed), so you’ll see them after the next shop refresh.

  • Added a new slot that only contains dungeon resources or consumables
  • Modified an existing slot to only drop dungeon resources or consumables
  • Modified what resources and consumables existing slots can drop
  • Modified the balance of different price points that appear
  • Improved cost rates for a few items and resources
  • Fixed an issue where some items or resources were available at different rates

Seems legit.
Hopefully value for money this time.
Players benefit and per blue see revenue in for a good deal :slight_smile:

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You guys and gals at PB should reevaluate the stamina for diamonds in the new diamond shop. Since its introduction Ive had the opportunity to buy stamina twice. Both times i could only buy 40 or so stamina packs. This is not enough stamina.

Please consider making stamina packs a permanent fixture in the shop, so they can be bought daily… or bring back the deals.


I agree :+1:

We have made the following changes to the Diamond Shop. They are now live in the game and will take affect the next time the shop refreshes.

  • Removed raid tickets
  • Adjusted some price rates to be more favorable to players
  • Added a consumable slot

We’ve also added 2 new consumables to the mix:

  • Double Normal Campaign Drops
  • Free Epic Forge Charges

So you’re merging s4 with s1 shortly and we don’t have the diamond shop available to us? Would be nice so we can at least somewhat catch up to the stockpiles that a server that had a 6mth+ headstart has.

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With all the tweaks the shop has needed, your access to actual deals has given you the advantage on that front.

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