Diamonds for stamina 'bundle'

Right. So this applies to server 10.

I have accounts on 8 9 and 10 and I know 10 is a little behind the others but don’t agree with the deal.

500 diamonds for just 50 stamina packs? Come on…

S8 offers 175… and that’s not amazingly good… s9 offers 400. I can understand because of catch up before merge
But 50? For s10? Could be doubled to say the least.
1500 gems for x3 deals doesn’t even match 1 deal on server 8…
I get different economies but 50 is just not worth it in my opinion…
Needs to be upped a bit considering even as f2p… with exception of daily deals it’s same effort with absolute minimal payout.
I can buy x3 deals now but it’s like… great I’ll only.go up maybe 4 levels at best…

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Thank you for bringing this up, I don’t play on other servers but it seems we get some crap deals on s10.

While yes I do believe that 50 stamina isn’t very much, it is actually more valuable than the diamond deals of S4 (S1 doesn’t get bundles anymore, but does have diamond shop). S4 is also 175 for 500 (S1 can get 220 for 500 but it isn’t consistent). However, for S1 and S4 it costs over 15000 stamina packs to max out while at O2, i don’t believe it cost more that 4000 stamina packs (it was a while ago I admit). If it costs more than 4,200 to max, you have a legitimate gripe, if it costs less than 4200 then your deal - as bad as it looks - is actually better.


Server one currently has 500 diamonds for 220 packs.

Seems reasonable.

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Server one had deals that were just as bad, when it’s level cap was as low as server ten is now.

The deal is representative of where the server is up to.

When server ten has a level cap of 185, the deals will be equivalent to server one is now.

The stamina for diamonds deal used to pop up on S1 at 125 for 500, then 150 for 500, and now 175 for 500, when it appears in deal section.

It increased as the cap increased.

But please, feel free to ignore the facts, and moan about how the deal isn’t as good right now lol.

Annoyingly, @Grelic did the math already.
It’s true.


It gets on my nerves that you spend gold on items and them it stings you for diamonds wen you spend on skill points and all that it stops you progressing what a pane Haha

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Once was a time before stamina deal nerfs. Can’t recall exactly how much was offered but was a lot more than is now.

I remember starting on s8 over a year ago and wasn’t as bad as 50 for 500…
When server was somewhat new…

Now it’s gone up to 60. For 500 diamonds. Still not reasonable considering all the other reductions in game… gold chests/scrap chests/shard chests/ tier deals/ TL rewards/ contest rewards/PL rewards/other buffs… all seem to have had a nerf in the past 6 months.

Some in the past week or so seem to be making a comeback.

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