Diamonds in dungeon

When you leave a Dungeon with half not complete like shown in the picture, you mean to tell me that their might be 100, 200, or a 500 diamond drop behind one of the battles. The most I ever got was 10 DIAMONDS after a battle. Has anyone ever got over 10 DIAMONDS after a Dungeon battle? Not including a double up.

I have often had a trapped / jackpot chest after a battle.

However I don’t go around taking pictures of every single battle on the map in case it is a chest after.

Trust me
The diamonds could very easily be in the other half of your dungeon.
Get some torchlight.
Blow your mind.


Also… say Hello to silent Bob for me
(The message in your screenshot)

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That is clearly epic dungeon. The diamonds are mainly on the endless side :joy:

9 consecutive days of endless (as shown by the boss keys drop), 50k diamonds


More than once. I’ve gotten 100 diamonds via chest. Favor bar used, X2. 200… (final favor bar). Then the battle the diamond chest was on the pathway towards ended with a critical success of 500 diamonds. Of course I used my last favor 15 seconds prior. I’ve also received a 1000 diamond chest following battle in the Epic Epic Dungeon. It was a 500 diamond that doubled from the increased drops that version of epic grants. I’ve definitely received the most diamonds from Epic dungeon. Then again, I haven’t kept count of diamonds throughout 40 floors of endless. I needed 2500 to buy 20 gold chests X10 onxe from pack offer. Ran epic epic dungeon. Used last two favors both on 200 diamond hits. Felt super lucky. Ended F40 with 2,030 diamonds. Got another 1000 and a bunch of 10s and 20s. I think I was short 140 diamonds after towards the 2500. My diamond, full crafted top ranking gear pieces (Red12), essences, 30 - 60 Red12 scrap have increased tenfold as soon as I hit dungeon experience level 70. I’ve gotten wild wild essences only once, and Elite Campaign Double drop item on 2-3 occasions. I’m currently L87 dungeon. I think nothing has changed since L70… Drop quality wise or the rate. I do notice the overall amount of chests that are appearing every floor now has increased a lot compared to L70. I’m on F1400ish. Maybe 1500ish. Advice I’d give. Daily reset torches received. Use them all starting F76 +.hit every enemy room, and open every chest each floor. Look for torch well every floor. B-Line directly to it so you can conserve torches and gain more xp. Dungeon experience levels 55-70 is so miserable each level. 250k + xp needed for some levels. I wouldn’t be surprised if some required 500,000 xp to increase. I’ve always thought that they should have a 25%, 50%, 100% x duration, dungeon xp boost items… Contest rewards etc. Or… A hero… That has a 3* Skin, a Golden Star Portait, and when skin is equipped to hero on dungeon team, and boarder. Hero adds 1% Disarm, Critical Success Chance, and dungeon xp gained. Skin with full 3/3 bonuses… Increases dungeon xp +2% +2% +3% total 8% and portrait adding 2-3% dungeon xp, and have another 2 that goes with it. +3 Sight, and 3rd, +1% Disarm, +1% Critical Success chance. Gained through trophies. All with big milestones. Collect 150,000 Purple, Orange and Red scrap from dungeon while said hero is on team. Clear 1,000 floors. Defeat 300 of each Boss dungeon boss via endless Dungeon. Exhaust 10,000 torches. Something big to grind toward. That won’t effect power… So there won’t be any imbalance. Give it a prerequisite to achieve before you can even start working towards the items. Ooh. How about a portrait that carries 2/2 Favor bars. With a 12 hour timer till a charge returns.

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I know. Initially I was answering the question. Then I got ahead of myself. Anyone else like the idea of dungeon specific cosmetics that enhances dungeon running quality? It has to be something that takes time. The bonuses will make a difference though. Critical Success chance increase. Disarm chance increased. If it’s only 10% xp bonus… 3000 xp from a floor adds 300 additional. Which is going to add up fast. Have packs available with torches to help… Cool. But don’t have packs that will have exactly what is required to obtain item. Just a monotonous repetition of the same thing until pack items are used up. Might as well sell the item directly, and not even have the requirements to achieve. Dungeons are so easy… Return the excitement of getting a little further. I remember when purple was the highest… I finally got to F43… Purple Guild Favor Boon first time seeing!! Yet, couldn’t get further than F46. Too hard. I couldn’t wait to get torches… Running normal campaign… To try again. No fancy items. Cleance Wells a life saver.

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I’ve tried to read that first post several times already.

I’m struggling.

I think some of the points make a lot of sense.
I could be reading them wrong.

Might I suggest bullet points?
Or at least a brief summary?

Because more cosmetics and consumables that help with dungeon would be good.
I’m already loving getting 10 epic charges per forge :slight_smile:

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Need Cottontail to decipher! :joy::joy::joy: This is his wheelhouse​:money_mouth_face:

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