Didn't get my purchased items


I bought 2 packs on Thanksgiving but didn’t receive anything despite the money coming out of my bank account, anyone else have this issue or know what’s going on with that…?


It was a bug, but don’t worry, PB is currently fixing it


Same happened with me, I have had no response yet.


The items from the Thanksgiving Guild Gift event have now all been delivered. Thank you for being patient!


Me too… Been messaging non-stop… I hope they correct it soon. :confused:


I still haven’t received my thanksgiving day purchase.


Still waiting.


All the purchase rewards were sent out yesterday through the game mailbox. If you didn’t receive them, please contact support through the game so they can review the logs.


I have, and I am still waiting… I’m starting to get a bit upset. Because Elliot said…


I spent over $250.00 on the game the week before… All I was missing were the 50 blue, 50 red, 50 green, and 15 10x chest. I just want it fixed. That is why I came here because it isn’t fixed. Please help.


Your ticket is open and waiting in the queue. We have a large number of tickets to review, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. I appreciate you being patient for a little longer.


Thank you Polaris,
That is all I needed to know… just didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle so to speak…
As always thank you for all that you do…