Didn't receive all 5 daily bonuses


I logged in and tried receiving my 5 daily bonuses and I only received the first one. Would like to contact support but no idea how I’d go about that.


I just did my dailies, and was not awarded diamonds, or any other reward shown. Also bought 5 chests and none showed up in inventory, but was charged 75 diamonds/ chest.


Submit a ticket through the in game support screen.

All activity is logged.
If what you are saying is actually true, per blue Will be able to see your total number of chests did not go up (or if it did…)

You will get what you deserve.


Second day in a row done dailies and didn’t receive diamonds, epic keys, got screwed all the way around!


Submitted a ticket yet?


Yes a couple trouble tickets


Happened again, I need the rewards to be able to progress.