Different Prices in Diamond Shop

On server 10 you get a temporary forge for 1000 diamonds in the shop, on server 8 it costs just 750.

Deals are also different from server to server
There are vastly different economies


They’re class follows:
The cheapest is from a third economic world
The middle costs, is from 2nd economic world.
The most expensive is from the 1st economic world AKA for the Western Civilisation …

2 Dungeon consumables cost 250 diamonds on all servers, of course there is a different amount of xp,stamina, etc. but the diamond prices are the same. So it doesn’t make any sense to have a different price for a single item.

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Dammit I was all set to mock you.

But you make a very good and valid point.

The stamina and gold and experience economies are all different for the different servers, because they are at different levels

However, a 24 hour consumable provides the same service , regardless of which server they are on.

If 24 hour double campaign drops are the same price across servers , regardless of the difference in the items that people would collect , and two 24 hour dungeon consumables are the same price across servers.

Then, I agree with OP.

The price for a 24 hour temporary forge consumable should be the same across servers.

There is no difference in consumable economy for the others, so why this discrepancy?

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Also… You meant 650 :wink:

Oh wait… That’s server one.

That’s server eight.

Broke mici is broke.

From Server 10.
Double Elite seems to be also more expensive.

Server 11: Single Double Gear Scraps for 200 diamonds.

So is there any way to get onto the cheaper servers???

But they’re cheaper for a reason…

Go to your settings screen
Choose accounts.
Pick a new server

Good luck
You’ll need it
Orrrrrrrrr money.

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