Disappering scraps?

Wondering is anyone losing scraps ?? When I’m collecting scraps for gear I will lose some of the scraps I’ve already collected to put a specific gear together for a player and have to go raid again to get 20 or 50 more of that scrap again. Another player said they had same problem when trying to collect scrap to make gear & had to raid again for more. How can this be prevented??

How about not raiding until it’s fixed? :wink:
Send a ticket to support

Some items have a scrap on its own in the recipe, as well as something crafted with it. When you craft the one part that uses that item, you “lose” those and have to rebuild it.

Like if you had a recipe for banana cake that had bananas in both the cake and frosting. You have a bunch of bananas and you bake the cake with them and then realize you needed double the bananas.


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This doesn’t happen normally :grin: but sometimes when you’re on a poor connection, a feed back to the server may not happen and items collected in between are resetted. Raid tickets and stamina spent are restored in that case

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