Do you support cheating?


Check the attached pictures from the fortress. It can clearly be seen that these two particular individuals Golden princess and Sticky Princess are cheating in the fortress by using the exact same full team on multiple fortress lines. How is this unfair you would ask, they regularly cleared 2 to 5 times more of the fortress and pocketed the gold while not allowing other players to have their turn. Every time when asked they would go bunkers with stickers and smirk comments to change the subject.

On the 2nd note Golden princess is bragging how she has 10 or more alternative accounts that she uses to farm diamonds via the arena and the tournament and then when there are gift chests events she sends herself the diamonds in the form of chests.

Both these instances deserve some action to be taken. Let’s see how fair PB is!



Kick them?
and report them or send a ticket?

I believe I heard that there was a bug where you could use the same line again, but that was a lot of months ago

So I can’t explain this
But this seems really unfair and weird


Aren’t those your Guildmates?


Bring the Popcorn Stamp! And the Popcorn Sticker! And the Popcorn! Make it extra buttery! Pronto!


Probably not any more.
Disgruntled kicked person collected evidence before being removed?

Unfortunately I’m not sure how much can be done about people playing the game in such ways.

Luckily I am in guilds that manage the fortress quite well enough / don’t care about the rewards to turn the difficulty up too high.

But I freely admit that I have used a similar approach to look to see if a gold chest was worth buying, before committing to the purchase.

As for alts…
Can you imagine the amount of effort that went in to reaching a high enough arena in ten or more alts?
Gosh, if people have the time and the patience to do all that, let them have their extra chest or two.

A whale can buy literally hundreds for $20.
Is that “cheating”?

Are you seriously telling me, @Evil that you never ever ever ever visited floor zero?
Orrrrrrrrr… Used the backwards timer on favour?


Floor 0 isn’t cheating hmm
You get nothing out of floor 0


Have you ever considered talking to them? What about talking to a leader? What about to support? Public callouts like this can lead to lots of guild drama, which is unfair to everyone else in the guild.

We really need a popcorn stamp. Maybe a “spicy” stamp.

  1. How do we know that’s all from the same fortress? (I’m going to be honest here… the name Evil doesn’t lend to your credibility imo.)

  2. I’m thinking they don’t need the gold so I’m not seeing a motive here.

  3. Last time I checked, I heard exploiting a glitch (if it even is one) is a “strategy” therefore completely legal. :yum::joy::rofl:

  4. Alts aren’t illegal. @Pixie_Mici said it perfectly: more power to them! Who cares?! It’s their time and effort. (Plus it sounds like you are just jealous you didn’t think of the chest thing yourself. :yum::joy:)

  5. Your bitterness is showing. Public humiliation of former/current guildies is frowned upon. A ticket would have sufficed in this situation. Poor form. I can’t imagine why anyone would answer you in stickers and smirks… :roll_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


Salty… lol


Alternatives?as in what?


Alternative accounts aka more than one account on the same server


I know that but what’s bad about having it?See for example,I have alts on Server 1


Nothing lol


You filled your bar on both occasions
You cleared lines
Fortress was completed
Players who didn’t hit early… Well they missed out.
I can’t see the point your trying to make


And these screenshots are really old buddy

There are no epic or crystals on any of those Fortress lines. That’s way old stuff

The attack lines too lack epic and crystals


That’s just pb display issues. It’s level 155, can’t be that old…


Tbf, I see a lot of enemy lines in fortress without any crystals


Floor 0 itself had nothing on it, no.
But being able to move onto floor 1 from it…

With all of your previous shrines.
Without losing any entrance key fee.

Yeah, If I had known about that before it was
patched, then I would miss that now :frowning:

Pesky exploit fixing.
Should have charged us to do it instead.

More fun in dungeon for us.
More money / diamonds for per blue.
Win win…


Yeah true

I wish people shared the exploit before telling PB


Alright so I’m gonna try and do this with minimal name calling for the sake of the forum(not for your feelings cause they don’t matter to me one iota)…
First and most importantly for the way you handled this the person that used the exploit (cause that’s what it is and not a cheat) isn’t the one I’d be upset with at this point as leader and other then being talked to about maybe doing their fortress later on in the day so others had a chance but they could be a ringer to make sure it’s done, you on the other hand would be kicked from my guild in a heartbeat… A guild is a family and if you’re going to do something like this to someone in the family they aren’t the problem you are for the simple fact that no one could trust you with any guild stuff… Your crying about a guild activity getting completed in an open forum berating members of said family… And if you’re the leader, and I seriously doubt that, but if you are you should most likely think about stepping down and giving control to someone a bit more competent…
Secondly please keep this type of thing too tickets that’s what they’re there for if you notice an exploit or glitch and think it’s something that needs fixed send a ticket to support… That’s why they’re called support… Personally I don’t see a problem with it since it’s something that helps the guild but then again I know how it’s done and I’m assuming since you had the audacity to try and do this on an open forum you are upset cause you do not…
Get over yourself and play the game (that’s right in case you forgot… it’s a game) if the leadership of the guild had a problem with it there’s already a solution to stop people from doing if the leaders want to… Members can be listed on the amount of fortress they can complete… Learn the game and play it…

Now for the alts… Especially on earlier servers ie. 1 and 4… It’s easy to have an alt some more into the game might have three easily on those servers… Oh right that’s because they’ve been merged with other servers and what people do with their stuff that they’ve spent time and money collecting is frankly none of your business I happen to have 2 accounts on each server I’m on and yes if I need stuff on an account that I don’t have the means to get for it on hand I’ll gift myself chests it’s called managing your investments half my accounts were mistakes that happened during an update and I figured if they were there I might as well use them…

So simple breakdown quit crying and calling people cheaters just because you can’t play the game the same way and are upset about it