Do you support cheating?

And here I wondered who took half a century to write a reply :joy:
True words :+1:

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Good post @Artemis_Fowl


I’ve had a skim through… Yeah you’re right :rofl::rofl: was basing it on my own team power…300k power was previous cap raise… We at 400k now lol

The screens are from February and it is indeed a display bug.

No, I have never used floor 0 nor the favour trick because I never cared about shortcuts or other smart tricks as I was playing for the strategic part of the game mainly. Never visited the forum to look for any of them.

Sorry for my name, never though I would be playing the game for so long, next time I will write somethig that will find more trustworthiness like Elizabeth Holmes, Jeffery Skilling or Kostadin Ignatov. I am sure that you don’t need google to know who these people are.

As for the lovely long post above I will say only this. Good boy, your mama must be proud of you.

True that it is just a game. A dying one in fact , to which people are desperately trying to hang on because of their routines and bordom with the real world.

It is a free internet and people can express their concerns whenever and wherever they want. So cool, keep playing and hope you all do well in the game, you have such wonderful families in there.


… am I understanding this right?! you tried to publicly execute another gamer because of a display bug?
& are now pouting, because you didn’t succeed?
Btw, Arty was on point with his comment, even though it seems like you don’t get what he wanted to tell you…

The game isn’t perfect.
Neither are the people playing.
Any of us

We all play our own way.
Life would be dull if we were all the same.

Apologies for not throwing in random names and theories to make me and my post sound greater than it actually is.


As for the third line Pixie…I hope you don’t mind that I disagree…after all there is me :grin: Yeah exploiting bugs/flaws is not really cheating and can be good strategy. Gifting yourself…hmmm

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Just to be clear. From the Terms of Use, section 3,

You agree NOT to:

  • take advantage of any glitch or bug in Portal Quest,…
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Set this bunch o’ cheaters straight Polaris.Now on a game other than Portal Quest… :wink:

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What are these floor 0 and favor gltiches. I have never heard of them. As for exploiting glitches, its required in this game because its impossible to get far without them.

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But if everyone is exploiting the same glitches, then nobody is able to gain any advantage over other…



Just to be clear, these exploits are brought to your attention as they are found.

Eventually… :wink: