Does Autocraft factor in active consumables?

For example, ahead of raiding, we would typically add things like Double Normal Campaign Drops to minimize the raids required.

It would be helpful to note this, either way, in the Autocraft FAQ within the in-game suppirt

  • The Banked Stamina Cap has been increased to 15,000
  • Auto Crafting Unlocks at VIP 6
  • An Auto Raid Stamina cost is charged in-addition to the Base amount to Raid
  • To Auto Raid, at least one unlocked raidable (3 stared) location is needed for each component
  • Auto Craft does not Raid for items that have no crafting cost
  • Consumable Bonuses are applied while Auto Crafting
    • The Double Normal Campaign Drops consumable will Half the Resource Cost of Raiding but will not double the Items Gained from Raiding with Auto Craft
  • Resources gained are valued after crafting cost and item(s) used are taken out
    • Crafting Cost: If not enough Gold is currently on-hand to craft but enough will be on-hand after Raiding, Auto craft will be allowed.
    • Raid tickets can be gained through Auto Craft Raiding

Source: Update 3.8 Patch Notes

Thanks for this @Marchioness_Dane. I should have read through the release notes again.

So, is this another way of saying it will take half as many raid tickets to attain the same amount of items?

You could double check this :smirk:


With double campaign drops :wink:

Well that answers that. I suppose I could have checked the values for an AutoCraft ahead of activating, then check that same item after activating.

Thanks again for the quick spot check :+1:

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You’re welcome :blush:

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