Does Storm Wizard not Heal on Elite Mode?


Kinda silly question, but I tend to multitask during campaign runs. Too time consuming imo. So, I didn’t notice before, about him not healing in campain elite mode. This normal or is he bugged?


He always heals unless the hero he is healing is cursed.


Highwayman bug. He perma curses entire enemy team.

It sucks


Ok. Thank u. And yes, does smell of something foul.


What have you actually brought to this 18 month old thread.

I mean seriously Adam
Stop it now


I can’t because it’s Portal Quest Community




What?I already know that about Storm Wizard?


So do we.

My point is why resurrect an 18 month old thread with an almost word for word copy of something someone already said?

At least be original
Orrrrrrrrr… Just… Don’t