Double Campaign Gold Drops


Why can’t I get my double campaign gold drops for 24 hours on all normal campaign and elite ??..
I’m only getting regular drops so my 24 hour drops are not working It’s just a waste :rage:


I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to say, but I’ll do my best.

2x Normal Campaign and 2x Elite Campaign only double the scraps and ore that drop. 2x Gold (and 2x Hero XP) are separate consumables that double gold and hero xp.

If you’re saying that you can’t use your 2x Gold consumable, then it’s possible that there’s a 2x gold even already happening in your server.


Please make a ticket for this issue so the devs can try and resolve this for you.


Thank You lkxbenxiemand…How do I go about making a Ticket ?


Under items or your weekly Quest Rewards you receive different rewards and that was one of the rewards I received …But like I said when I used it I did not get the 2x I was supposed to receive it did not activate in order for me to use it so the 24 hour a double gold drop for normal campaign and Elite was not applied to my account in order for me to be able to use it


Have you tried to uninstall then reinstall? Sometimes that fixes issues.


No everything else is working except that how do you go about making a ticket??


Go to your account page, choose support, select the chat box in the upper right hand corner and tell PB what’s going on.


If you’ve never made a ticket before, you may need to click on a topic until the end until the box at the top appears.


Sorry for the late reaction but I see someone else showed you how to do it already


Before anyone else says it, the gold doesn’t show up as double anywhere other than in the bottom right corner.

The value doesn’t change colour or have a 2x or anything…

If that was there…
Then it was working fine.