Dragon shop gear for diamonds

I have a complaint. So mad, just got contest rank rewards that included 2,000 diamonds. Yay! Turned around and purchased a friggin purple scrap, thinking it was for gold, but NOT. The cost, 2,000 diamonds. I know i should have paid better attention but why the f!@# would you even have a purple scrap for 2,000 diamonds? I know, my fault, but absolutely ridiculous. Not my first time. Anyways, i propose a confirm you are spending diamonds button. So mad at myself. But does it make sense for it to even be in there? Just curious what others think about the items in the special shops.

There is a confirm button

It just doesn’t say confirm on it lol


Been there, done that.

Submitted the ticket.
Ranted about it here.
Moaned in the leader discord chat.

To be faiiiir, it was partly because of that ranting that the shops were segregated into diamonds first, and then coins purchases.

Before that, they were all jumbled up.

You’re welcome.

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Ok. To be more specific, something that differentiates when you will be using diamonds for dummies. Still cant figure why a purple sctap is even there, much less for 2000 diamonds. It should just be a gambling shack. Crap shoot, booby prize.:grin::joy::rofl:

You had me at booby


The blue things are diamonds.

The yellow things are gold.


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Yeah, thanks. Did you see the part about how for dummies?

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