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I’m not sure about other guilds but we are sick and tired of being drawn against the same guilds all the time. It’s not an unsolvable problem.

It’s all down to the award of Crowns after every war. Using the present system its almost guaranteed that you will be drawn against a small group of guilds. Doesn’t matter what you do.

There is a simple cure for it.
Stop awarding 30 crowns for a win and zero for a loss. Would this be beyond Perblue. It wouldn’t be difficult and involve hardly any programming.

It you must award 30 Crowns for a win then take 2 Crowns off for a loss.

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What would that change

It would alter the groups of guilds.
We started the season with 80 crowns, wins have increased that to 110, 140, 170, 200, 230, 260, 290, 320, 350 etc. We can only be drawn against the limited number of guilds who started out with 78 to 82 or 48 to 52 crowns. It’s not rocket science just simple math. It would be nice to occasionally compete against guilds that started season with 65-77 or 83-95 crowns but under the present system it’s impossible
Lose 2 crowns for a defeat and that will open up the range of guilds available.

(dammit… Pesky flawed logic drawing me back in…)

Quick clarification to avoid being spammed for this…
Yes, you would eventually meet other guilds.

Only if you skipped wars.

The problem is…
If every guild queued for every war, this system would just get you meeting the same guilds anyway.

You’d go up 30 crowns for your win, and your opponent would go down 2.

But if you lost your next war you’d go down 2 points and if they won theirs, they’d go up 30.

Oh look, now you have the same amount of points again. Just 28 points ahead of where you were, instead of 30.

Because your crowns total affects the opponents drawn, there would never be a time where the total amount of crowns you have would vary enough over 30 wars.

It’s 1:30am so I don’t intend to extrapolate for n wars.
But the absolute totals would mean that no team would end up with enough variation.

Again, this is assuming that people queue for every war. You could game the system by sitting out a war or three to vary the pool a bit, but why miss out on the chance for 30 crowns?
Even with a 2 crown loss, I like those odds…

There’s two better ideas to fix the issue you have in war.

  1. Increase the crown variation in the matchmaking, or the process itself, so that you don’t have to match with the nearest team every time

(That would require changing the process, not just a variable in a line, so that’s not going to happen)
Also, top guilds would get easier matches more often, so lower guilds would hate this.

  1. Increase the X variable in the “you can’t fight the same team in X number of wars”.
    Yes, you’d still face the same type of team, but at least you would have longer between each rematch.

Anyways, that’s my random ramblings.
Happy Birthday to me.
Good old 2021.
Thank you PQ for helping me through it.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” —Numbers 6:24–26

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This would be as good a way as any but the X appears to have been dropped to 4. If it were to be increased it would help

One other thing. I was under the impression that the X meant you couldn’t be redrawn within 5 wars. This appears to be 4 wars now.

When did it change?

Best hope is actually more folk participating in War more. Not likely to happen at this stage of the game. Might be fun to sit out a whole War season to find out. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

i thought it was three

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