Dungeon broken and tourney visual bug


So I was in Epic dungeon and used my favor points on claw pieces. It tripled and I needed only 3 to open epic… when it did I got error has occurred. And never got the gear shards and happened every time I got claw shards on the floors after also energy plus 6 per tile was my first floor buff and I do not get energy per tile at all so I checked my buff screen and I have 2 separate torchlight buffs instead of one torchlight and one energy… also attached is a screen of a visual bug showing 18/17 members in group in tourney screen. Also this new users only posting one image per post is a bit annoying.





You should report bugs in game, as PerBlue doesn’t look for them on the forums. This is just the place where we can discuss them.

Submit a bug report in game by: clicking your hero portrait from the main screen, scrolling down, clicking support and then bug report.


Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed as well. They made a server side change for favor and you will get that error in dungeon until you update your game client.


U didnt update the app from google play?

You need to do it manually since it was ANNOUNCED. The favor ban on epic was due to heavy exploiting. And with the manual update people cannot exploit any further.

Read mate :stuck_out_tongue: using favor in epic WILL grant an error if u havent patched the game.


I’ve also seen the an error has been reported bug and lost scraps

I also saw this problem where I was awarded 20 boss shards in last level of 5 level boss dungeon. I applied favour and got a lucky x3 but only got 40 shards. Apparently 20x3 is now 40!!! Of perhaps I was originally awarded 13.33333333333 shards :wink:

I have reported a bug via the game but as I have never had a response via that method I have posted it here too


Reported in game already I run iPhone therefore I cannot attach pictures to bug report which is why I opened this thread.


Yup. I agree. I’m running on iPhone and running latest released version. If Per Blue have a bug they want to fix then should force all to update with formal release and server update that only allows that version. I read most posts on here and update notes and haven’t seen this mentioned. A link to this might help to those of you moaning about people not reading things


Hypocrites. If they want a short-term fix they can’t only allow the new client version into the game: The stores take some time to update, Apple sometimes even takes days. I don’t use Apple myself, but I just saw someone ask for it so apparently it isn’t even released yet for Apple. That might explain your issues.

Also, posting bugs on the forums to get a reply is useless, but you can indeed do that to attach an image. But to use it in a bug report you have to attach the link in your ticket.

You can check for a reply for your tickets also in the support section, and then my tickets. I’ve never not had a reply for a ticket so they’ll probably get to your ticket sooner or later. It may take a little bit longer since they don’t work on tickets before 9AM or after 5:30PM CT, or in the weekends.


Quick maths… duhhhhhh


Responses to tickets will appear in Support -> My Tickets. There are no notifications, so check back a few days after you submit the ticket.