Dungeon/Confirmation option

Hi Portal Quest team! Can u please consider make a option to confirm if u want to use favor in dungeons? Iv’e used favor more times than I can count on my fingers by mistake…
Hopefully I’m not the only one…
A confirmation button “Do you really want to use favor”? Would be very appreciated! Thx ~Dan


Seems like a fair request tbh
Not like its going to slow your playing down

9 favours isn’t a hindrance like a single silver/gold chest used to be with confirmation on em


A bit like a confirmation when u accidentally spend 1000 diamonds on something u don’t even need. They would do the favour confirmation thing but I doubt they would do a confirmation for diamonds since they seem to be more money grabbing these days

:rofl:Those gold chests are the worst. The button is in the same exact spot, so a little bit of screen lag and you’re dropping diamonds for a peice of purple scrap.
The game could definitely use a confirmation for any diamond purchase.
At least favor restocks overtime, but i too have wasted it with an errant tap, so it would be a welcomed addition.


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