Dungeon contests

Anyone else miss dungeon contests?

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Not a single damn bit

What’s a dungeon?

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It’s been too long


I agree. It’s the only contest that people can’t buy.



Buy torches.
Raid floors.

You’re telling me that per blue wouldn’t run more dungeon packs in it?
Or even spend money to buy diamonds to refresh the diamond shop (and merchants) and buy torches there?

Not saying people should do that lol
Just saying that they CAN.

On reflection, the points scoring was

  • find exits
  • kill bosses
  • can’t even remember this one.

Maybe they actually couldn’t buy the old system…

But I can guarantee you this.
If per blue ever brought it back, those targets would be altered enough, that raiding would work.

It’s the same reason they don’t bring back “use hero X in game mode Y” contest.

It’s all about the money.
Fair play to them (looks at recent scores achieved by top 10 players / guilds in contests) it clearly works!

As M.I.A. once said:
‘All I wanna do is [sound of gun shooting and reloading, cash register opening] and take your money.’

~sigh~… Still full of snarky comments… Mebbe you’ll grow up and say something that will contribute to the “Community”. Or not.


You said dungeon couldn’t be bought.

I wondered whether that was actually true, and presented a counter argument.

Then I reflected, and realised the flaw in my logic.
Struggling to see the snark in this post, to be honest.

I believe the point is valid.
Per blue cancelled dungeon, crusade and arena contests because they weren’t as financially beneficial to their business.

You want dungeon contests to return?
Find a way to monetise them.
Then they’ll be back…

Apparently I’m Respected.
And I give back.
Regularly :wink:

I was going to ask the same question

Apparently there’s something called “Four Trays” as well @Big_Dog_III
I hear my guildmates talking about them.

I don’t know how you get one tray, never mind multiples, but apparently you can get gold and diamonds and strength and vitality potions from them??

Ja absolut saknar man fängelse+tävlingar. Det är aldrig någon variation när det kommer till tävlingarna. Det är samma om och om och om igen. Tycker gott ni kan införa fängelse-tävlingarna igen. Så det kan bli en “ny” tävling. Tråkigt med samma tävlingar alltid. Känns knappt lönt att spela längre

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Aldrig hört talats om eller sett några “fyra brickor” eller vad det nu hette.

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All I can do is apologise for my ignorance of Swedish

Guess I’ll have to have no clue what you were trying to reply to me here.

Happy to continue this conversation, if we can find a common ground.
English or Italian preferred, but french at a push

Jag är inte flytande i svenska heller, så jag måste fråga … menar du allvar?

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