Dungeon Guide: A Quick How To


“This feels like…home!” - Void Caster, in the Dungeon

Welcome to the Dungeon - we’ve got Chests, Wells, and Shrines! We’ve also got Torches, Traps, and Hollow wandering around. How deep does the dungeon go? Only the most stalwart of Heroes can find out!

Here are the things you may encounter in your adventures:


Of course, the reason you delve into the dark of the Dungeon is to collect loot! Use caution though, because some chests may be trapped!

Wells come in 12 different colors, and can have one of 12 different effects. A Well’s color and effect are random for each Dungeon. In addition to having no effect, here are the list of possible outcomes from drinking from a Well:
Beneficial Effects

  • Cleansing Potion: One random debuff will be removed from any of your Heroes.
  • Healing Potion: You Hero with the most missing HP will be fully healed.
  • Energizing Potion: Your entire living team will gain some energy. The amount scales with Hero level.
  • Torch Oil: Your Torches will not expend for the rest of the floor.
  • Shining Potion: Your Sight will be increased by one for the rest of the floor.
  • Blood of the Bull: A dead Hero in your current party will be revived.

Harmful Effects

  • Explosive Potion: The health of all Heroes in your party will be reduced. The amount scales with Hero level.
  • Crippling Potion: The Max HP of your Heroes will be reduced. The amount scales with Hero level.
  • Draining Potion: Your current Heroes will gain energy during combat at less than their current rate. The amount scales with Hero level.
  • Disabling Potion: A random skill will be disabled on a Hero in your current party.
  • Blinding Potion: Rooms will only be revealed by Shrine buffs for the rest of floor. All previously revealed rooms will be hidden.
  • Deadly Poison: The Hero with the lowest HP in your current party will die.


There is one Shrine on each floor of the dungeon. Each Shrine offers permanent upgrades and temporary effects. Permanent upgrades last until you reset the Dungeon; temporary effects last until you exit to the next level of the Dungeon.

  • Once you select a Shrine effect, it cannot be changed. Choose wisely!
  • Change your hero lineup at Shrines. This is important if you have Heroes at low Health - they will need to be in top shape to clear the level!


As you wander the Dungeon, you will encounter Traps. All Traps have a chance of being disarmed, but if you don’t - look out!


Torches are your Stamina in the Dungeon. Just like Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark, once your Torches burn out, bad things happen!

  • Torches are expended when you enter any room, and over time while walking down a hallway or in combat.
  • If you run out of Torches during a battle your heroes are killed
  • If you have no Torches you cannot travel through the Dungeon
  • Torches can be found as loot drops in Normal Campaign, purchased at Shops, or purchased in the Dungeon.


Sight is how many squares beyond your current room you can see on the map

  • Chests, Fights, Shrines, Wells, and Portals are all revealed through Sight when you get close enough to them
  • Sight will not reveal Traps or the difference between a Chest and a Trapped Chest

Save Points

Your Dungeon progress is automatically saved at Entrance Portals, Exit Portals, and the Shrine. If all your Heroes die in a fight, you will be returned to the last Save Point you visited on your current floor.

Pro Tips

  • Health and Energy won’t refill unless you get a beneficial effect from a Well or Shrine.
  • Change your team lineup or revive dead Heroes at an Entrance Portal, Exit Portal, or Shrine.
  • You earn Dungeon XP when you battle the Hollow. Earning Dungeon XP will make future trips to the Dungeon easier.


How long after the torch contest ends does the Dungeon open for everyone else who don’t grind for the unlock reward? Also, can you give us some idea of what kind of rewards we can expect to see on the dungeon? Thanks


I’d like to know a few things:

  • What type of rewards will the dungeon give?
  • You say “revive heroes,” what exactly does this mean? Do we have to spend torches, diamonds , gold to revive?
  • “Torches can be purchases in the dungeon.” With what currency?

I’ll add more as I think of them.

Edit 1:

  • Will the wells be completely randomized with every encounter, or does the color:effect relationship stay consistent for the entire dungeon until a new one begins?


The Dungeon will open for everyone at the end of the Contest, or as soon as you reach the highest Progress Reward.

The Dungeon will drop Gear and Items - and we’re still working out the final details :slight_smile:


So, people can unlock the dungeon on the seventh day, while who doesn’t unlock it through the contest will get it the eleventh day?

Basically, it’s not as big an advantage as we thought to reach the final progress rewards. It just gives you 4 more days.


Be wary, for overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.


Can you expand on the traps? What do they do?

Also will the dungeon provide a new shop and new currency?

Lastly what are the chances of getting a particular effect from a well? Do the chances change per floor?


Thanks for the tips iron angel :blush:
Can’t wait for it to open


Till now the Dungeon is a waste of time,
After 32lvl and about 150 torches I found 15 purple item scraps and 10!!! Diamonds, haven’t lost any hero…
-Don’t open unknown wells they have to 95% negative effects inside.
-Expand your line of sight


After Level 35 the fights get ridiculous hard though. Lost the whole Level 59 Purple+1 Team in a single fight on Level 36. And the rewards up to that point are mediocre at best. It’s just a waste of time really.


Lol agreed. Pre update i made it 30 floors with all heroes full health then post update i was dead within 7 more floors. Given the drop increases i understand though

  1. Pre patch - enemies didnt scale at all

It is floor xx not enemy lvl xx
Im lvl 80 and kill entire enemies within 4 seconds at floor 45+

If you are loosing the fights - check your debuffs.
Plan your line up.

I did notice that after wave heal skill was reduced on patch. I might be wrong.

Either way. Dungeon is atleast more challanging now. Aka by far more fun.

Getting a 5 second stun or a 10 second silence might insta kill your entire team at a fight :wink: those traps will be toxic on floor 45+ hehe




Haha i wrote it before reaching that floor. I think i was on floor 15. Just had a thiught of what would happen if u had stun, blind and silence active on same fight? Not sure if its even possible. I will find out eventually.


Its possible. And awful. I was on floor 47 with max health, max energy, 10 second blindness, 8 second silence, and 5 second stun that lasted for 10 seconds (probably a bug).

The enemy had howling claw, ginger beard, and hex witch I was dead in 7 seconds :frowning:


I kind of hated the fact that people that actually dedicated their time into the contest and achieved the dungeon level only get a 4 day earlier period, but oh well, 4 days earlier than most people is better than nothing


What is the progress bar with the gryphon symbol meant for?


That’s your Dungeon XP, which increases your Dungeon level.


It’s your Dungeon Level (not the floor you’re on). This really only impacts one thing - the amount of torches you can receive when you reset. You can receive up to this amount if you are below it.

So, for example, my Dungeon Level is currently 23. When I reset, if I have less than 23 torches, I will receive as many as will get me there. So if I have 0 torches, I’ll get 23. If I have 18 torches, I’ll get 5. If I have 24 torches, I’ll get none.

There is a torch perk that adds 10/20/30/40 torches to this number. So if your Dungeon Level is 23 and you gain 30 extra from the perk, you can get up to 53 torches when you reset.


Questions: what’s a 'debuff?, how to reset dungeon to revive players?, what’s ‘farming?’, unable to locate 'instructions. Help!