Dungeon Guide: A Quick How To


This is an old thread, so it would’ve been better to ask this somewhere else.

I think you would know most of this if you had the dungeon unlocked, so first something about the dungeon:

The dungeon can be found to the left of the merchant, and unlocks at team level 35. When you open it, you can see 3 gamemodes, of which only Endless is unlocked by default. Next to the dungeon title there is an “I” for more information, which answers your last question.

As you walk through the dungeon, you can encounter traps or trapped chests. There’s a chance to disarm them, but if you fail to, you get a debuff, such as: “A random skill on one of your heroes will be disabled” or “in the next fight your heroes will be stunned for 4 seconds”.

On the main dungeon screen (where you choose one of the three dungeons) you can choose to reset the dungeon below the “Enter the dungeon” button. This revives all your heroes, and resets your progress to floor 1.

Farming isn’t a term in the dungeon. I don’t know where you got that. You can earn gear, XP and influence in chests in chests in the dungeon though.

Reading the first post in this thread and reading the dungeon instructions I referred to will answer most of your questions.


Thank you! Am newer player, so asking how to get to beginning of thread about dungeons?


It’s as easy as scrolling up.


For some reason I read that in some Disney type voice. Like:



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How can I get in the boss dungeon? I have been in epic and endless but the message says I need some trophy?


You need to kill a certain amount of bosses in endless. On main screen there is a menu called trophies, there you can see how many bosses you need to kill to open boss dungeon


Thank you!


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Boss dungeon as far as im aware has never had diamonds drop… And if they do they were always forgettable
Hop over to endless. Its more profitable :wink:
Diamonds, nuggets and spare gear to flog for gold


Yes Boss Dungeon is not for Diamonds, but either are Endless and Epic dungeons. They took away 100 and 200 Diamond Drops. All I get now is 5, 10, or 20 DIAMONDS in Endless and Epic.


I rather call that bad luck
Even a lazy dungeoner like me gets the big diamonds sometimes, so that isn’t true :wink:


Thank you for the feedback.


Here is the evidence :joy:
Honestly, this would’ve been amazing if you could use favour on it…
Pesky lazy me :joy: