Dungeon help me

Hey guys… I have a question, so help me please… How you guys have a 50 60m fast point in dungeon?? I playing dungeon 10hours but I only have a 4million of contest point

Maybe you are wasting your time with opening chests :thinking:

How to min max contest.
(Please note: this is purely for contest points and is not the best use of your resources)

If you have boss keys, run easy dungeons.
Boss exit boss exit boss.

Once they gone, epic dungeon (not epic epic!)
Hit every boss and then exit.
If you are serious about it, don’t even hit the forges.

Once all your epic keys gone, you’re SOL.
Endless it is. Boss exit. Over and over.
When you get an epic key, favour it until you can run epic again.

After its over, mourn the loss of all your keys and wonder about all those chests and forge charges that you left behind and wasted chasing three essences , that you’ll never reach.

Just play moderately till you get the boss skin, and leave @Cottontail et al to the sleepless nights


The horror :scream:
I’m not able to walk past any chests or forges, I simply lack the ability to ignore these…

Btw, @Polaris @OhRlyeh,
these progress rewards really are awesome :star_struck:

Sleepless nights… Sheesh I had to sleep 11 hours last night just to get my eyes away from pq :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s tedious :joy:

And yes regular epic is best for resources saving…

But I run epic²
How else would u get this many lamp gear :joy::joy:


I am running epic epic as well.

I was just pointing out the contest speed run way.
I don’t recommend anyone actually does it

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