Dungeon help please


I need to know how to kill that monster? Thanks. For help. :hugs:


That is a Focus Tactical Shield Grunt. To kill it you can use a focus toon to do half damage or a fury toon to do full damage. Never take all of one damage aspect into dungeon, these “monsters” are pretty common


You’re in endless just add Brawler to your team or cog or dragon… Sorted😎


How in the heck you got so many torches???

Send me some :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I had the same problem! Turns out all my heroes were Fury aspect. Once I swapped in something else it did great.


Their dungeon level is 25.
That’s how

Also… Stacked deals I guess.
Curious how someone can spend so much money / diamonds on a game and be so completely unaware of how it actually works…


I’ve had so many torches… But even If I calculated everyone I’ve burnt it could never get to that number :joy:
I’ve maybe used 350,000 I think… Or there abouts since the day endless opened
Mustve been some sweet deals / dungeon booster packs / scion, Wraith, dragon chest / and whatever other methods :joy::joy:


APK decompiling is against the rules.

Mayyyyybe someone should ask Sammsquamch to investigate the case of the million torches ?


Edit: mystery already solved


I mean…

I’ve been here 670+ days, and avoid dungeon like the plague, and am VIP cough cough 13 cough

And I have 24K. K not M.


Hahaha I had thoughts of apk… :joy:
Didnt want to say that’s what the “whatever other methods” alludes to :sunglasses:


I spend all tokens on torchs and gold all days… Bue oferts torchs. Etc is 1k torchs no millions I have Spanish lenguage in the game…


Hmm alright then
Goes and changes language to see :joy::joy:


You’re excused from any blame. Apologies for that :sunglasses::innocent:


Mil =1k… I have Spanish lenguage in the game see that on English.



Thank you for that.
Will go freak my guild mates out :wink:


Man is mil torchs =1k in Spanish… Mil not mill




me equivoqué


Need Focus and/or Fury heroes