Dungeon Keys Question


Okay, so how do these things even work; or do they even?

It seems like just a consumable that has the same effect as the "auto-finish’ check box. If you unchecked that box, the keys do NOT “automatically” open, I have to disarm it manually, and then the key icon will pop up on the screen, as if it’s done it on its own (even though I physically had to disarm it myself).

So am I misunderstanding its function? Does it instead stop me from the negative affects of the trapped chests? Cause I’m beyond confused on why anyone would waste their resources on getting this hunk of junk.


It just stops the negative effects. I love this consumable. :slight_smile:


The key ensured for 24 hours you won’t get a negative buff from traps or trap chests
I.e. No disables, blinds, silence, stun, health reduction

That’s the perks benefits


Awesome consumable, especially in epic.


Enchanted lockpicks is on my Christmas list this year :nerd_face:


Thank, you guys!! This is a very nice consumable indeed. :slight_smile: Now, they need to sell em again, haha.


Me to But the worse ones are ,Damage,DISABLE,Stun


There’s one well that’s particularly nasty and has an effect far worse than anything you’d get from a trap. I think it’s called “trap disarm”.


The best Shrine and Lockpicks thing in Endless Dungeon,Boss Dungeon,And Epic Dungeon


Trap disarm makes everything on the floor safe

I think you are confusing it with either blinding potion (makes sight obsolete) or the worst for me is accidentally picking memory leak when you have all Wells logged and know what they were and have to find elixir again to reveal then all


I think Oasis is refering to the fact that you can’t get good loot when you drink trap disarm






I get the same crits as before… I did 4000 floors didn’t get a double campaign item… Used the lockpi k and got one within an hour of use


Golden lockpick gives you the jackpots/crits, but drinking trap disarm doesn’t… confirmed by perblue


When you drink the well it practically makes all traps go away… using lockpick they are still trapped, you’re just guarenteed succes